Aaron Yan Debuts Long Tresses in His First Period Film

Gong Xian
Aaron Yan has always been a chameleon all throughout his successful career as an actor and a singer sporting different looks that range from edgy to conservative. So while his transformation for his new movie Gong Xian 巩仙 is something to be expected, his look is a refreshing change up from all his others since this is the first time the singer-actor is rocking some serious long hair and period costume for a role.

Gong Xian Aaron Yan
Aaron plays the main role of Gong Rong in Gong Xian, a film adapted from Pu Songling's series, "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio" about the never ending quest for power, revenge and love in a historical setting. Looking at the photos, who knew that his looks and face shape would totally be suitable for the period costume and long tresses right? The actor donned a heavy wig for his role instead of growing out his hair. A little fun fact for you – Aaron brought along a lot of hair and scalp care products to protect his scalp since a lot of people have been cautioning him that wearing head gear for a long period of time might cause him *touch wood* to lose hair! 

Gong Xian Aaron Yan
In order to complete his transformation and fully represent the character he’s playing in the costume drama, the former Fahrenheit member also took things a wee bit further by learning martial arts, Tai-chi and sword fighting for the very first time. Gong Xian looks to be a flick of many "firsts" for Aaron Yan, and he's definitely come a very looong way forward since his boyband stardom.

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  1. Haven't seen anything yet but when I do you'll be the first to know. Looking forward to watching it.