Zheng Shuang Was Feeling Down When She Filmed River Flows To You

zheng shuang ma tianyu river flows to you
River Flows to You starring Ma Tianyu and Zheng Shuang has taken over the time slot for the family drama Growing Pain which ended on Hunan TV with CSM55 ratings over 1%. The youth romance will have big shoes to fill, and while its premiere drew in ratings over 1%, it also came with negative comments concerning differences between drama and the novel by Guo Jingming. Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu's acting and the choice for both leads to do the voice dubbing for their own characters also came into question for not being very good. I've seen parts of the first episode and I can attest to the unclear pronunciation of dialogues compared to other dramas, but I feel that it simply has more Erhuayin (rhotic accent) and was generally understandable.

Even before the premiere, Zheng Shuang who has previously been bashed for bad acting skills actually took to social media to express her thoughts about the drama. 

zheng shuang ma tianyu river flows to you
The post is translated below:

"Yi Yao was a role I took during a time when I was feeling down. 

People might bash me, but I would want to say thank you.

No matter what, you still watched the drama. You may criticize me or hate me, but still, thank you, for constantly giving criticisms for me to improve.

When I was younger, I'd feel bad when the audience commented negatively about my performance, but now, I've come to accept. I don't compare with others anymore. I'm satisfied with just living my life.

Looking back at this project, I'm wondering whether Yi Yao will also help you remember the imperfect and stubborn part of you.

She brings every young girl with her and together, they work towards their own dreams.

Thank you for all those who put their effort in this drama. The producers, directors, and most specially, Tianyu.

Maybe it's not because the role isn't appealing, but it was because of me that the role became unappealing. 

I couldn't cry when I needed to. I couldn't laugh naturally when I had to.

Whatever happens, there are still a lot of people supporting me and I want to give a big thank you to you guys for that. I have such excellent fans yet I still couldn't be the best version of myself."

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  1. When people like an actress bc of their face or status and background, they will say her acting is the best (when it's the worst).

    vice versa

    When people hate an actress bc of their face or status and background, they will say her acting is the worst (when it's the best).

  2. I’m sorry, I normally like Zheng Shuang, even with her monotone lack of acting ability, but her post just rubbed me the wrong way. Sounds like preemptive move to me. “Yeah, I usually am not a good actor, but really, this time it’s because I was in a bad place” and nowhere in her post stated that she will try to improve herself, the very standard asian celebrity response.

    1. she looks like she has depression. She's probably too tired of all these hates, when people don't like you no matter how hard you're going to act people will still criticize you. They won't be rational at all. You just need to be liked, involve in more publicitiy stunts like doing huge donations.

    2. I think the opposite. Everyone says "sorry and I'll try to improve next time". That's the usual response, devoid of any sincerity.
      I've never heard of another actor/actress actually agreeing with the haters' claims. I for one, don't agree - I liked her acting in River flows to you.

  3. I think she should take a break tbh.
    I grew to like her in Love O2O and Rush to the Dead Summer. Her acting wasn't good then but at least it was passable. It looked like she still tried to make an effort.
    But her acting keeps deteriorating over the years. I tried to watch her recent dramas like My Story for You, Youth Fight and River Flows to You. It seems like she doesn't bother anymore. Her clothes are sloppy, her line delivery is unclear, and she always looks downcast.

    1. I totally agree. There is no effort at all. She should take a break as her heart is clearly not in acting or her roles.

      There are many far more talented actresses who could take on these roles instead and actually make an effort.

  4. I Like Zheng Shuang, she kept improving in her acting over the years, she is honest and direct. She will shine. All the best Shuang !!