Zhang Yixing as Calvin Klein's First Chinese Brand Ambassador

Calvin Klein Lay Zhang
My, oh, my! Is it hot in here or is it just Lay Zhang Yixing that makes me break out in sweat? 

The internet was roaring with delight yesterday, July 30, when leaked photographs of Zhang Yixing, or Lay as he is known, appeared online. The stolen shots show Lay in nothing but his underwear and although picture quality is poor, it sure did not stop the fans from going gaga over them. (erm, I too, might be guilty of ogling too much.) 

Calvin Klein Lay Zhang

But his get up wasn't just for the sake of aesthetics since it turns out that it was for his photo shoot with famous brand Calvin Klein. Later that night, the famous luxury fashion house announced that Zhang Yixing is the global spokesperson for Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear, making him the very first CK Chinese brand ambassador! Wow, another feather in his cap. Other than the photos of the singer-actor in just his "Calvins", the company also posted a picture of the actor sporting their stylish trucker jacket.

Calvin Klein Lay Zhang
Another snapshot features Lay in a chic Calvin Klein hoodie + pants + bag ensemble to complete the outdoorsy look.

You can bet that I'll be looking forward to seeing more of his activities for Calvin Klein. For the mean time, I might need to have my jaws stitched because I've left it hanging since seeing the photos last night. 

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