Yang Chaoyue And Timmy Xu Are The Full House Couple in Midsummer is Full of Hearts

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There're always some dramas that instantly take you back to your childhood days. For me, one of them is the 2004 South Korean romantic-comedy Full House. There hasn't been much to go on after the stir that director Zhang Lichuan caused with the announcement of a Chinese remake.

midsummer is full of hearts booting ceremony
After more than two months, it seems production is in full swing for the upcoming drama as they had their booting ceremony last July 08, 2019 in the city of Wuxi. Although it's a remake of the manga-based television series, the Chinese version of Full House is going with a different title, Midsummer Is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心. It's quite catchy, isn't it? 

midsummer is full of hearts booting ceremony timmy xu weizhou
Actor-singer Timmy Xu Weizhou who gained international fame through his acting in the 2016 web drama Addicted takes up Rain's role as the male lead. Taking up Song Hye Kyo's character is Rocket Girls member Yang Chaoyue.

It's not entirely clear how similar it will be to the original since there are a few noticeable changes already, one is obviously the title and the second is the female lead's backstory. 

midsummer is full of hearts booting ceremony yang chaoyue
In the South Korean version, the female lead is an aspiring scriptwriter who inherits a property from her parents and calls it Full House (thus, the title). Unbeknownst to her, the house was sold to a famous celebrity and in order to reclaim ownership of the house, she agrees to marry the current owner. In this remake, Yang Chaoyue's character will be an aspiring composer that has little or no talent. I'm not sure if casting Yang Chaoyue is a coincidence since it's quite known how controversial the start of her career was, gaining a lot of hate due to her inconsistent pitch. As the story goes, the heroine ends up meeting an egotistic superstar thus igniting an unexpected romance.  

kira shi shi midsummer is full of hearts booting ceremony
Joining the cast is Kira Shi Shi and given her convincing act as a spiteful antagonist in The Story of Minglan, I think it's safe to assume that she will play the childhood friend and secret love of the male lead who was portrayed by Han Eun JungI secretly hated her character for being quite selfish. 

midsummer is full of hearts li jiaming
Another member of the cast is Li Jiaming. You may remember him as one of the charismatic fox trio in Moonshine and Valentine. I'm guessing that he will play the guy best friend of Timmy Xu's character and the love interest of Kira Shi Shi. However, in the South Korean version, he also falls in love with the heroine and tries to make her fall in love with him. Ugh, I'm reminded of how confusing this was for the child-version of me!

Other casts include Jiang Zixin, Liu Miaolin, Tiffany Zhong Qi, Zhou Liwei, Zi Jian. I can't wait to see if they will also do the iconic Three Bears song! I certainly wish they do because it's one of my favorite scenes! 

midsummer is full of hearts booting ceremony

liu miao lin midsummer is full of hearts

midsummer is full of hearts booting ceremony cast
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  1. I'm basically most excited about the Moonshine and Valentine runion.