Why Liu Haoran Didn't Graduate This Year

liu haoran
Let's face it, guys. When we hear that a certain so and so didn't graduate, many people and perhaps fellow students often think that it's because of something negative - failed subjects or a student not being smart enough that he got held back a year, which shouldn't always be the case.  Take the circumstances surrounding Liu Haoran for example. It's graduation season again and the 21-year-old who started school in 2015 was not among the list of graduates this year. 

The reason for this is because he had a backlog of several subjects due to his work as an actor. The young actor said that after he's done with filming, he plans to take time to finish all of his courses. 

liu haoran
A reporter from Beijing TV spoke with a professor from the Central Academy of Drama who explained that Liu Haoran's delayed graduation shouldn't be synonymous with failed exams or failure due to absences.  In fact, Liu Haoran knew in his 3rd year in college that he still had several subjects that he couldn't complete normally which would affect his chances of graduating on time. 

Hence, Liu Haoran decided to apply for the school's self-employment project.  Under the project, students are encouraged to "actively use the resources around them" like setting up a business that will add value to society. It also means that Liu Haoran can take a break from school for one to two years. There's a possibility that he'll graduate next year with the class of 2020. 

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  1. He is good actor, i loved his movie Chinatown detective & is in nif 2 although i didn't like it as nif2.. Anyhow wish him luck... Study is always a long dark path but it bears a sweet fruit