Why Ariel Lin Put Her Successful Career on Hold

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Ariel Lin has been keeping a low profile since her last drama I Will Never Let You Go with most of her social media updates showing her on vacation or spending time with her hubby who lives in the US. The reason? She and her dear husband Charles Lin are trying to get pregnant! Earlier in 2019, the Taiwanese actress previously shared that she wants to put her work commitments on hold for the rest of the year because of this unique reason and I have to give it to her, she's really putting her family first! 

Ariel made the reason for her work hiatus official in a recent event. When asked about her absence from the industry, the 36-year-old actress replied that her break from the spotlight is not because she wanted to recharge her body and spirits; but because of the couple’s hope to have a positive new development soon! Such is their preparation that according to media reports, Ariel opted out of several lucrative projects to prepare for a pregnancy. In fact, her manager reveals that the contracts, when added up are enough to cover the cost of several buildings!

ariel lin charles lin wedding day
Ariel and her husband got married on December 24, 2014 after dating for two years and have yet to have any kids. Hopefully though, this year will be the year that they’ll finally get their wish!  So while there aren’t any baby rattles yet for the pair, my fingers are crossed that we’ll be hearing them soon and perhaps see a cute photo shoot of a very happy Lin family.

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  1. It's so refreshing how candid and honest Ariel is! Most celebrities would definitely use the "recharging my body" excuse rather than just putting it out there. (Although I definitely don't blame those celebrities for doing so either--no one wants to be hounded by the press constantly asking or guessing they are pregnant, especially if they end up having fertility issues.)

    Anyways, I'm also hoping her good news won't be far off! She looks as youthful and healthy as ever so hopefully it'll be soon. :)

  2. Hopefully she succeeds!

  3. I wish her and her husband the best and hope we hear their good news soon.

    I will say that I really, really like Ariel and I appreciate her candidness but personally don't think it's a good thing to announce it like this because now all the articles are going to be about pregnancy, whether she is pregnant and why she isn't pregnant and making all kinds of assumptions if she doesn't get pregnant ASAP

    1. Even if she doesn't be honest, everybody knows she not pregnant for such a long time so either way there will still be articles about her pregnancy.

      If she lie they will create more lies, like she's having disease and recovering from them. And it's because of the disease she couldn't get pregnant. So I appreciate how she's honest and also very smart.

  4. My Jununu. Mama so sorry. Mama will work hard. Thank you so much for 14 years of devotion and unconditional love. U r one of the best blessing from God.