Tiffany Tang Helps Tibetan Girl Enter University

Recently, a Tibetan girl was so happy about getting into college that she sent a thank you note on WeChat to pass along to Tiffany Tang Yan, who sponsored her to enter university. Tiffany saw the message and was quite happy that the student was able to get into her chosen college.  

Normally, you'd think that's all there is to it but not for Tiffany Tang.  She asked if the girl still needed financial help and said that she was willing to lend yet another hand. Netizens have praised the actress for her efforts as she has done this without the publicity.  

She really is a beautiful person, both inside and out.  And knowing that Tiffany is willing to help bring education to less fortunate kids speaks volumes of her character. I can't count the number of times I've seen Tiffany Tang on the news in recent months as the media continues to speculate on whether or not she is pregnant. Sometimes, it's just nice to hear stories like these about people paying it forward.  

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  1. That's really nice of her. I think she's helping the girl specifically because she's Tibetan, considered a minorirty so she won't get much as help as others.

    Tang Yan has great eyes in talented people, her choice of Yukee Chen is a great choice.

  2. That's so nice of her. Tiffany always seems like a kind person to me and glad this confirms it.