The Similarity Between Andy Lau in The White Storm 2 And Duterte

the white storm 2
Art really does imitate life. The White Storm 2: Drug Lords has brought in spectacular box office numbers since it was released in theaters this month. In the movie, Andy Lau plays Yu Shuntian, an ex-triad member turned philanthropist who offers HK$100 million in bounty to anyone who can take down Hong Kong's top drug lord Feng Zhenguo, played by Louis Koo.  

white storm 2
Yu Shuntian hates drugs with a passion because his family members were victims of drug abuse. Yu Shuntian's public stance on the matter brings to mind the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, who is known for taking extreme measures to get rid of drug offenders and has even publicly threatened to kill drug dealers. Both men want to eliminate the drug menace by any means necessary, which is why Yu Shuntian offers a huge sum of money to get the job done. 

white storm 2
President Duterte is shown briefly in The White Storm 2 via a scene of him in a news broadcast. Nonetheless, the movie does not dwell on the similarities as it goes on to deliver the gore, goons and guns expected from a movie like this. Although The White Storm 2: Drug Lords is quite violent, it tries to send us a good message at the end. 

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