Storm Eye

Being a huge fan of spy thrillers and detective shows, I have to say that Yang Mi and Vin Zhang Bin Bin’s newest anti spy drama Storm Eye will surely hit all the sweet spots for spy and mystery aficionados like me. Besides, seeing the two transplanted into modern environs after seeing them garbed in period clothes and dialogue is a refreshing change of pace isn’t it.  And the added bonus of seeing the charismatic Zhang Bin Bin and hearing his deep voice doesn’t hurt too! Hehe. I digress! I digress! Getting back on the subject.

Code named “Storm Eye”, the 46 episode anti espionage thriller chronicles the efforts of National Security agents to thwart a transnational organization from getting their hands on critical new technology developed by Dinghua Group. Zhang Bin Bin plays investigator Ma Shang, deployed to track down spy Chen Chan who he discovers is just a small fry at the very bottom of the espionage ring. 

Instead, he finds out that something bigger is at stake. The espionage ring Chen Chan is working for plans to steal important technology developed by Dinghua Group, a company located in Shuangqing City. While there, Ma Shang reconnects with an old classmate from middle school, An Jing (Yang Mi), who now heads the Reconnaissance Team of the National Security Bureau. Together, the two must work together to outwit and capture the “sleeper agent” inserted at Dinghua to finally wipe out this threat!

Admittedly, while the plot is pretty much reminiscent of western spy themed franchises like 24 or the Bourne Identity series of films, Storm Eye brings to the table a peek behind the scenes at how the “East” does it. After all, to give the script more verisimilitude, the script writers have been consulting with agents of the MSS (Ministry of State Security) in the course of revising and polishing their work (it’s also said that the final draft has passed the review of various relevant government departments before it was put to bed).

Yang Mi and Vin Zhang Bin Bin reunites with their Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms co-stars Wayne Liu Ruilin and Daisy Dai Si in this modern drama. Actors Wang Dong and Zhang Shen have also been roped in to play characters in the series.

Release Date: TBD

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  1. I hope they don’t dubbed over their voice since its modern drama ... just let them used their real voice ...

  2. I hope Yang Mi's acting has improved, she always acts the same.

  3. I wonder what is really the 'same' here - Yang Mi always acting the same, or biased viewers always saying the SAME thing ...