Sandra Ma Confident And Cute After Gaining Weight For Mr. Fighting

sandra ma presscon
I don't know if any of you have noticed but most shows we see always feature slender leading men or women.  It's an unspoken showbiz rule as we have been conditioned to associate beauty with having a svelte body.  So it's kind of like a breath of fresh air to see a drama with a not-so-typical character taking the spotlight.

sandra ma deng lun mr. fighting presscon

Mr. Fighting 加油, 你是最棒的, based on the novel by Zi You Ji Guang, stars Deng Lun and Sandra Ma.  While Deng Lun plays a has-been actor who yearns to get back to his former glory, Sandra Ma plays a chubby but brilliant girl named Fu Zi who helps Deng Lun's character Hao Zeyu regain his stardom. 

sandra ma
Interestingly, Sandra Ma had to put on extra pounds for her role. The director of Mr. Fighting had asked her to gain a little weight, about 2.5 kg.  But Sandra didn't stop at just a measly 2.5 kg. She added a total of 7.5 kg to her body weight while filming the drama which wrapped earlier this year. Still, Sandra Ma is looking surprisingly cute with her round cheeks and double chinned smiles when she, Deng Lun and the rest of the cast attended the press conference for Mr. Fighting last July 29. It seems that Sandra Ma hasn't lost all the weight yet and happily embraces her character as she dressed from head to toe as Fu Zi. 

There was a funny moment where Deng Lun was asked what Sandra Ma did during breaks.  "Eat." he answered and everybody laughed.  Deng Lun jokingly revealed that for a time, Sandra Ma had been eating as required for the role, but then she may have gotten carried away. 

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  1. If that's chubby then I must be fat. Lol.

  2. That isn't chubby, that is her finally being healthy and she looks absolutely gorgeous. She was great before but now she has a glow, she hadn't before.

  3. The fact that this is considered chubby is actually scary. The pressures these poor actresses must be under to maintain the skinny figures we see...

  4. That's chubby in Asian standard but normal in 'murrrica! 😌

  5. She look really good, she should keep this weight forever!

    1. Awesome actress. Can't wait to see the movie.