Michelle Chen Denies Having Marriage Troubles With Chen Xiao

chen xiao michelle chen
Celebrity couple Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen have been married for 3 years. In that amount of time, they have been blessed with a son. While everything seems to be going great for the two of them, rumors have been going around that Chen Xiao and Michelle have hit a rough patch and that Chen Xiao has sent their son to his parents, away from his wife. At a recent event, Michelle Chen was all smiles when she said that everything was just fine. In fact, she and Chen Xiao are planning to have a second child.  

chen xiao michelle chen husband wife
It's kind of crazy how the rumor mill works because with celebrities, it seems that anytime a couple keeps it low key and doesn't interact much in public, they become targets of breakup rumors. Michelle has learned to laugh and just roll with it, saying that rumors like those are part of being a celebrity.  

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  1. Hope it's not true. People are making up lots of nasty comments and pictures of Michelle trying to make her look like somebody who flirts with lots of men. She's a star so of course she works with lots of people. They just want to create news and they don't care if they can break up other peoples marriage.

  2. What a mean rumour especially about CX sending their son to his parents. Does Michelle work anymore? I thought she was a full-time Mum now. I haven't hard anything about her acting in years.