Ma Yili And Wen Zhang Divorce And Stress That No One Is To Blame

ma yili wen zhang divorce
It's always sad when a marriage fails. After rumors that they've split started spreading last Saturday, celebrity couple Wen Zhang and Ma Yili made their divorce public on Sunday, July 28.  Ma Yili wrote, "We loved each other.  We tried hard and complete each other in the past.  We may have regrets over our relationship, but there is nobody in the wrong here.  I hope that in the future, we can both lead happy lives,"  hinting that there was no ill will between her and Wen Zhang. Wen Zhang also wrote, "I love Ma Yili, walked together halfway and separated, there's still the rest of our lives, will still be protecting as family."

Ma Yili and Wen Zhang have worked together in many projects with their most recent drama being Razor in 2017. They fell in love during the filming of the TV series Struggle back in 2006, their second drama together. They got married in 2008 and was blessed with a daughter in September that year.  While pregnant with their second child, Wen Zhang had an affair with actress Yao Di in 2014.  Ma Yili forgave him after Wen Zhang made a public apology. So it comes as a surprise that Ma Yili and Wen Zhang are now divorcing.  

Friends of the couple have said that there was no third party involved and the reason for the divorce was simply the breakdown of communication between the former couple. Today, a rumor circulated that the reason for Ma Yili's divorce was a new alleged boyfriend, specifically, Vengo Gao as he and Ma Yili have been filming a new drama together.  Ma Yili's staff has denied the rumor, calling it fake news and speculation.  

Regardless of the circumstances, it's bittersweet to see these two go their separate ways.  Hopefully, both Ma Yili and Wen Zhang find peace and happiness now that they have more time to themselves.

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  1. I don't think the rumor with Vengo is true, but screw Wen Zhang. I would support Ma Yili and Vengo, Vengo is so much more handsome!

  2. No many can truly recover from one party having affairs but they did try for their kids and their marriage....that is more then what others couple can do. She does not deserved to be betrayed, pregnant or not.

  3. Poor Ma Yili. Wishing her all the best. No marriages recovers from an affair. Couples might stay together but that trust is gone and the betrayal will always linger.