Louis Koo Debunks Rumored Marriage with Jessica Hsuan

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Showbiz and rumors often go hand in hand and while not all rumors are bad, some of them can make you scratch your head.  Such was the case with the gossip suddenly involving Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan who are same age buddies at 48 years old. Apparently, Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan were said to be getting married at the end of this year.  

Both Louis and Jessica have worked together in shows like Man's Best Friend, Detective Investigation Files IV and the cult classic A Step Into The Past.  They have also been friends for a very long time and have played a couple onscreen, so I can understand why people would want to ship them in real life. 

jessica hsuan louis koo
When Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan uploaded their Snapchat photo on their respective social media accounts, some thought this was proof that the two stars were in love and somehow surmised that they were getting married before the year ends. There was also speculation that the yacht Louis Koo recently purchased wasn't for his mom but for Jessica Hsuan. 

Louis Koo's agent immediately denied any truth to the rumor last week.  More recently while promoting his new movie The White Storm 2 - Drug Lords,  Louis personally refuted his supposed marriage to Jessica Hsuan, "It is something that doesn't even need to be addressed."  As Jessica Hsuan is under Louis Koo's Sky High Entertainment, the two have upcoming projects like the Hong Kong crime thriller A Witness Put Out of the Blue and the highly-anticipated movie adaptation of the 2001 TV series A Step into the Past which is bringing back a number of familiar faces from the original cast. 

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