Legend of Chusen Characters in New Stills for Jade Dynasty Starring Xiao Zhan

jade dynasty movie Xiao Zhan
The wait is over because the xianxia movie Jade Dynasty 诛仙 starring Xiao Zhan, Li Qin, Meng Meiqi and Tina Tang Yixin has dropped its trailer and announced its September 12 premiere! 

Based on the novel Zhu Xian written by Xiao Ding, fans of the literary work may remember Legend of Chusen, which was a drama adaptation that starred Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying and Yang Zi. Given that the movie is helmed by action choreographer and director Ching Siu-tung, the visual effects for Jade Dynasty already look superior to the drama and promises to give an exciting cinematic affair. Perhaps the biggest contention lies on whether or not the actors in the same characters can do justice to their roles. 

Xiao Zhan plays the main protagonist Zhang Xiaofan, which was originally played by Li Yifeng. Even if there were skeptics about the him taking the role, The Untamed which has been garnering positive reviews is quite a game changer for the actor-singer. 

jade dynasty movie Li Qin
This project marks the reunion of Xiao Zhan with Li Qin as the two have been together in several projects. Li Qin plays the character Lu Xueqi which was originally played by Yang Zi. 

jade dynasty movie Meng Meiqi
Meng Meiqi plays the character Bi Yao, which was originally played by Zhao Liying. This will be her first main role yet the actress-singer is already getting a lot backlash for not being what people expected.  

jade dynasty movie Tang Yixin
Tina Tang Yixing retains her role in the drama as Tian Ling'er, the first love of the male lead. 

jade dynasty movie
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  1. That trailer is...whoa

  2. What's the point of blacklashing Meng Meiqi for not being as pretty as Zhao Liying? Bi Yao wasn't even supposed to be in the drama that long in season 1, the only reason why Bi Yao lived so long and even became the main lead was because Zhao Liying starred as Bi Yao so they twisted the story to feed her fan needs. Season 1 was so ridiculous, the fanbooks waited and waited and waited and waited until when will Bi Yao ever die like the book so the story would move one...and tah dah! She die...finally... AT THE VERY END! And it ended JUST LIKE THAT. :P
    Besides the fanbooks, the non-fanbooks watchers also feel the drama is super ridiculous how it ended just like that. Just because they want a second season. (doesn't that just sound so PA?)

    With this new actress, maybe she will help not make the storyline super ridiculous just because of her fans. Seriously season 1 was not moving anywhere at all except people just need to watch all of the Bi Yao scenes.

    Second season, was so terrible so they made it short. Shortest drama ever made!!! 18 episodes haha...and it was still not good.

    Season 3, what's the point? The castings look so much better to me this time actually, I prefer Xiao Zhan and Li Qin over Li Yifeng and Yang Zi. But maybe they should star in a different story than this one, this one was already ruined so badly.

    1. I think it is more like she looks the complete opposite of biyao from the novel. Also her being a complete noob and then being handed such an iconic role, makes people even more...harsh on her and this production in general. It's not like she asked for the role, so it is not her fault.

      I agree with the article, the movie already looks superior (ignoring the weird hairstyles of biyao and tian ling'er). It also looks to be following the books more faithfully, based on what I've seen from the trailer. And if the box office delivers, hopefully they can continue to make sequels for the remaining books.

  3. Ooh, ciao Zhan and Li Win..I will be watching. Is this the movie version?

  4. Wow feels like a "Zhu Xian" movie has been in development forever, can't believe it finally got made. I remember when I first heard about it a decade ago, my dream cast was Hu Ge, Yang Mi (as Bi Yao), and Liu Yifei (as Lu Xueqi)...obviously that was never to be though (sadness!). I do absolutely adore Li Qin & Tang Yixin though, so I'm excited to see them. The CGI shown in a trailer I saw also looks really amazing.

    Don't know anything about the male lead but he seems decent. Gotta say though, I am disappointed by the actress for Bi Yao (and it's not because she looks different from ZLY, I never even watched the drama). It's more that from my understanding Bi Yao is supposed to be a bubbly, lively girl and in that still she has a solemn glare which just doesn't seem to match the character. Tbh as I was scrolling down the post the first time I totally thought the still was of a villanous character! The awful hairstyle and costume don't help either. I'm willing to keep an open mind and see if she turns out better in the actual movie but so far, unfortunately I can totally see why there is backlash... I think Tang Yixin would actually have been a great fit for Bi Yao (if she weren't already cast as Tian Ling'er) since her bright smile and cheerfulness is adorable.

  5. I did watch the original because i hated the cast.. She simply can't act. You know who.... Perhaps i will give a try to the remake because i loved his acting in the untamed.... Wish him luck

    1. LOL it was all of them. ZLY can't act. YZ can't act, her role doesn't required much anyway besides needing to look like a stone. LYF couldn't act either. The sides are also very boring fillers.

  6. My only complaint is the hairstyle for my Bi Yao :/ omg so ugly might as well make LXQ's hair ridiculous too...

  7. From what I read somewhere it's going to make BY the main love interest for ZXF I hope they follow the drama ^^ Would really break my heart if they don't lol... and yes all their hairs are ugly

  8. Can't wait for this movie......Xiao Zhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!