KFC China Commercial Copied Blackpink MV?

blackpink kfc
Uh-oh! Looks like someone needs to hire a new creative team. 

Famous food chain, KFC, is under fire with accusations that the latest ad for their new Queen Mojito in China has scenes akin to those in the music videos of hit Korean girl group, Blackpink, which "Blinks", what the fans of the group are called, were quick enough to point out. For one thing, take a look at the scene in the classroom with the lady standing in front of a blackboard in the KFC commercial, isn't it similar to the scene in Blackpink's song Ddu Ddu Ddu where Lisa is fronting the same background, save for a few minor differences?

blackpink kfc
There are also speculations that Jennie's MV for the song Solo is the basis of the bar scene in the ad. With this one though, I'm not quite sure. But the most obvious one of all I think, is the one practically lifted from the chess scene in the Ddu Ddu Ddu MV featuring Rose and Jennie. Have a look, it's amazing how identical the scenes from the song and the commercial are! If they used the MV as an inspiration, they could have at least been a little more subtle, right? I mean come on, the entire scene just screams carbon copy! 

blackpink kfc
KFC China has yet to comment and the video is still on their social media account. To be honest, I'm not sure whether this is intentional or pure coincidence or maybe whoever's in-charge just didn't think fans will put two and two together, but whatever it is, KFC definitely needs to re-assess some things to avoid this kind of fiasco in the future.

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