It's Confirmed! Liu Ruilin and Dai Si are a Couple

This is not a drill, people. I repeat, this is not a drill!

Long time “shippers” of the Zi Lan –Yan Zhi tandem might do a happy dance because it’s finally happened! The Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms happily ever after we’ve all been wanting for has finally come to fruition as Wayne Liu Ruilin and Dai Si have gotten together for realz in real life!  It’s said that proximity builds propinquity and I guess after working together for four dramas, it was bound to happen sooner or later! 

Now as much as they tried to keep it under wraps, the new celebrity couple was snapped by paparazzi going home together on separate occasions. According to the media, Liu Ruilin and Dai Si arrived at the airport one after another but went home together.  The next day, the actor was spotted out and about with his assistant running errands but also went home together with Dai Si. Moreover, when they arrived home, Liu Ruilin reached for the actress’ purse like it was the most natural thing to do hence leading to speculations that the two were dating. A situation Jaywalk Studios, the agency both actors belong to have also confirmed as of today.  

All in all a happy turn of events don't you think - while the pair didn't end up together in TLTWTMOPB, this is even better as it's real life!  Now just gonna be sitting here waiting for fans to come up with a new nickname for the couple, yeah. Meanwhile, be sure to catch a glimpse of them in their newest drama, Storm Eye.

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  1. Now I'm just waiting for Zhang Bin Bin and Dilireba to come together. Of course it's fat chance but who knows? :D

  2. Aww why fat chance? I’m also hoping for Bin Bin and Reba to get together one day.

    1. Heard Zhang Bin Bin is dating his manager. And based on his interviews seems he has a longtime girlfriend.

  3. Dai Si is my girl crush. Liu Ruilin had better be a good boyfriend! Congratulations to them. The paparazzi footage is a bit creepy but they seem like a sweet, normal young couple in love.

  4. Great for them... and it’s good they open and not hide about it...