Hawick Lau Sings a Duet with His Daughter at a School Event

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I love hearing stories of celebrities spending time with their kids. In this day and age, it's easy to get lost in work while thinking that it's to secure the kid's future without realizing that presence is what the children need more. So the news that Hong Kong actor-singer Hawick Lau sang a duet with his 5-year-old daughter, Noemie, makes me happy. 

According to Hong Kong media, Noemi's school was holding a concert for their 10-year anniversary when the father and daughter pair took the stage to perform their rendition of Toy Story's theme song "You've Got A Friend In Me". I'm a sucker for father-daughter moments, having been a daddy's girl growing up. Although not always in tune, Hawick and Noemie's interactions throughout the song is just so sweet! The kiss at the end made the audience break into applause. 

Noemie is the only child of the actor and his ex-wife, Yang Mi. The two got married in Bali, Indonesia in 2014. In the same year, the actress gave birth in Hong Kong to Noemie whom they nicknamed Little Sticky Rice (小糯米). Sadly, the marriage did not work out and the couple announced their divorce December of last year. 

yang mi childhood photo
Since Noemie lives in Hong Kong, her mom Yang Mi has to make time to visit her daughter. Interest around this family never seemed to wane from then until now. As her parents have ensured that Noemie is kept away from the spotlight despite many attempts by paparazzi, this stage performance makes Noemie's most public appearance to date. Many noted that she's as adorable as Yang Mi in her younger days. 

Unfortunately, the trending topic also drew intense discussions with criticisms on Yang Mi's parenting style since the actress lives away from her daughter or accusations that Hawick was using his daughter for publicity. 


  1. I think it is awesome that Hawick is taking time off for his daughter. This is the stuff that children remembers.

  2. Yang Mi and Hawick Lau are good and bad parents at the same level. Not going to say either of them is the better or worse parent.

  3. Noemie is cute. I don't think either of them are great parents. Everybody knows her grandparents are the ones actually bringing her up. I think Noemie probably is closer to a father as she at must see him more frequently as he is at least based in the same country unlike Yang Mi.

  4. I always thought they took great lengths to keep their little girl out of the spotlight. While this is a cute father and daughter event, it should be a private thing. Unfortunately, it's out on social media and hopefully, it won't cause a negative consequence. I knew instantly that YM will get people accusing her of being a bad mother as she isn't the main caretaker; this happens on every post about her daughter. Hopefully, Noemie is growing up well, is happy and have good relationship with both her parents.

    1. Yang Mi don't seem to have any decision over publicizing her kid, what happen to the custody rumor? If she didn't win any then people don't have to criticize her being "out of country" unlike HW.

      I agree too HW should not put Sticky Rice on the spotlight but I don't know the whole story, if she actually wants to sing on stage that is her choice because she is an independent being she can make decisions that she wants. It's wrong to stop her from doing what she wants just because of her parents background. She needs freedom. If she ask him to sing with him, being a daddy he shouldn't refuse and he did the right thing. But if it was him who put them on stage together then of course who wouldn't think he's using her for publicity? Anyways, I hope Sticky Rice continues to be happy and grow up well, I hate how netizens have to use her in order to criticize her parents.

    2. I'm sure the family is making the best decisions for the little girl. People are always judgmental (e.g. base on public appearances and jumping to assumptions) but at the end of the day, what matters most is if the little girl is happy, well love and provided for as she grows up. Growing up as a child of super famous parents isn't easy and sometimes being kept out of the spotlight is for the best.

  5. I always saw a pictures & news of him with his daughter & his mother also.. I remember him when he went with her on her first day at school it was like short video... He has been always present in her life the guy set his priorities clear.. Admire him for always being present desput him being busy

  6. I never see her with her daughter at all she always working Hawick is always with his daughter when was his last Drama and (Guest spot doesn't count ) was in 2018 and YM is still working

  7. It's tiring seeing people complaining about the same thing all the time. If Yang Mi spends time with her child and did not publicize it online then how would you know?

    HW wasn't spending that much time with his daughther either at the beginning, he was also working non stop and his parents take care everything. He stay home since his career was nowhere after the scandal. And YM get blame for working like him (her fault), and because she works he cheat (her fault), they divorce (her fault), now he spends time with the kid (her fault). It's both parents fault, no one is better than the other.

    1. No one knows what going on in a relationship/family except the people in it

      Yang Mi works and the kid is staying at the grandparents house.
      Dont these two people film projects like 80% of the time?

      This is China
      Babies are EVERYTHING to a family
      Im sure her grandparents have ZERO problems having the grand baby there

      Yang mi is not Responsible for another grown person actions

      whatever her husband did ..that was ALL ON HIM

      Im pretty darn sure Yang Mi spends as much time with her daughter as she can like any working parent

  8. reallly very touching...
    but m really sadden to hear ur divorce...the way I look at u in u r dramas...perfect man then y ur child is kept aloof from a complete family.
    Any ways I m still a big Indian fan of urs...All the best and still m looking forth the proper sequel of sealed with a kiss....happy ending..
    All the very best

  9. Haha .. doesn't anyone notice that Noemie's nose and lips look VERY similar to Yang Mi's???