Fever and Injuries Didn't Stop Actors From Filming The Longest Day in Chang'an

longest day in chang'an jackson yee lei jiayin
As the old saying goes, "the show must go on." This is probably something Jackson Yee and Lei Jiayin took to heart. In The Longest Day in Chang'An, they play two men who race against time to stop a terrorist attack in the capital. With the drama earning praise for its high production value and solid casting, the actors' professionalism behind the scenes also drew attention. 

It was revealed that Jackson Yee had battled a high fever while filming. Despite him burning up at 39.6 degrees Celsius, Jackson insisted on proceeding with the shoot.  Liang Chaogao, the producer of the show showered Jackson Yee with praise, saying that the actor shouldered responsibility better than a normal 17-year-old boy could. 

longest day in chang'an jackson yee
Jackson Yee revealed that when he first started to film, the pressure to do a good job was so great that he had difficulty putting himself in the right frame of mind. While he lacks the experience of his cast mates, Jackson seems to have done a sufficient job holding his own especially considering that he filmed the drama even before he got into acting school. 
longest day in chang'an lei jiayin
Jackson has earned the approval of co-star Lei Jiayin as well, as the latter has said that he really liked Jackson's acting and dedication.  Lei Jiayin immediately recommended Jackson when, after they finished filming, producers asked him to name somebody he would like to work with again.  He would like to work with Jackson again as he said that the actor has unlimited potential."  

Interestingly, Lei Jiayin thought that The Longest Day in Chang'an was going to be his last drama.  He had to do many martial arts scenes which resulted in him being brought to the hospital four times due to injuries he suffered while filming.  The fact that three of his stunt doubles got injured wasn't really a comforting thought to Lei Jiayin.  

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