Disney Releases Jacky Cheung and Beyoncé's rendition of The Lion King theme song

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For me, The Lion King is, hands down, one of the best animated movies that Disney has ever produced. It has a great storyline, great characters and great music. I'm still waiting for it to premiere, but international rollout for the movie has already started first in China where the movie was released since July 12. 

Lion King Simba
It's just right that the remake of this popular Disney classic will bring forth epic collaborations, and it has come in the form of Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung and international star Beyoncé who actually voices Nala in the film. Jacky Cheung may not be as known to international audiences but to the Chinese speaking world, he is a legend. Their version of Sir Elton John's Can You Feel The Love Tonight released today features the  two musical greats singing in Mandarin and English. Just listening to the song already brings an overdose of nostalgia.

Lion King Simba

Lion King Simba
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  1. I don't like it...It seems like they just combined Jacky's singing and Beyonce after the fact. I first thought someone mixed the two tracks. This is the first song that I don't like from Jacky. I hope he sings the Cantonese version and have it all in Cantonese and not a mix of English and Chinese.