Zheng Shuang's bold response to those hating on her boyfriend

Love conquers all... or does it?

Zheng Shuang finds herself on the receiving end of criticism once again. When she posted random pictures of her boyfriend, a screenshot of their chat conversation and cute couple stuff where she called him the world's cutest cream puff (aw, cute!), the 27-year-old actress may not have anticipated all the bitterness that some of her fans' will feel. There were certainly lots of hate comments ranging from "No one wants to see your boyfriend" to "I don't want to be your fan anymore."

Zheng Shuang boyfriend
Huh. Why? Anyway, given Zheng Shuang's bold, speak-you-mind kind of personality, she dealt with the backlash with a direct response posted on the same app where she shared the photos in the first place. 

She said that she's finally met someone that she can share her love with. She has fallen in love like a normal person. In her younger years, she felt that she didn't have the right to such emotions and now that she found a man that she can be openly affectionate with, she won't regret anything no matter what happens in the end. 

She also says that she loves Zhang Heng and if others don't want to see it the stuff that she's posting, no one's forcing them to. She addressed those who threatened to leave her with a 'Bye Bye' and proceeded to say 'I love you all' to the rest of her fans. 

Hmm if I remember correctly, it wasn't long ago that she had to answer to the same kind of criticism after posting her boyfriend's washing habits. There was mixed reaction from her fans back then. I just can't fathom why she's receiving such hate for being happily in love? Shouldn't fans be happy for her?


  1. Good on her! Who needs fans like them! Why can't they all stop being delusion and be happy because she is happy.

  2. I am not even a Zheng Shuang fan and I have noticed how happy she has been since dating her boyfriend. Fans and even the general public feel very entitled to celeb's life. They get angry if a celeb shares her personal life and they get angry at another celeb for not sharing her personal life. Some people just want something to complain about.

  3. I love how openly in love she is and there's no need for her to hide it too. I remember how sad and depressed she was back then, especially after her split with Zhang Han. It's nice to see her more confident in herself. To speak up for her rights and beliefs. It's so sad that these so called fans and the anti-fans are so quick to criticized her every moves. You go do you girl!

  4. Zheng Shuang is admirable. In the past when I saw how she embarrassed herself with the robot competition, I thought she was a bit spoiled. But looking back at that video my opinion changed a lot. She was just actually very honest and couldn't fake her true feelings. That video still makes me laugh, it's so funny and also interesting too. They were counting so slowly and she kept pointing out but nobody would pay attention, so she asked people to listen, and the men's faces were only in the air and that just made it so funny, and then she broke out angry that made it even funnier. Anyways, getting out of topic. But I like how she speaks for herself! She acts like how she feels. Even if it makes her look bad sometimes, the important thing is she doesn't harm others and there is only a bit of harm to herself because she will get criticize, but she isn't afraid of it and still honestly do what she feels. It's like an innocent kid.

    When she broke up with Zhang Han, she did it so amicably too. Even now still admitting she likes him and still willing to work with him when he's so much like a jerk. She's a great person, really. She does things truthfully. She's the only person I heard so far who admits to plastic surgery openly. I don't like people doing plastic surgery, but she was so honest though. She willingly face all the bad comments and consequences of affecting her career in getting acting roles too. And now she spoke up for her current bf. She doesn't suck up to those overly obsessed fans. These are all the things idols would never do but she did them all.

  5. well,im happy for her for finding her true love
    but i will ask one question!
    is yangyang is her ex?