Zhang Yixing takes home his first acting award

Lay Zhang Yixing 25th Huading Awards Best Supporting Actor
It seems like EXO's healing unicorn has come a long way.

From singer, to songwriter, and now an award-winning actor! Zhang Yixing, or more commonly known as Lay, made his fans proud once again. In the recently concluded 25th Huading Awards held in Macau on June 12, 2019, Yixing took home the Best Supporting Actor award for his impressive portrayal of the delinquent Mao Xiaoxing for the movie The Island 一出好戏.

Lay Zhang Yixing The Island Best Supporting Actor
Although Yixing has started acting as a child, it wasn't until 2015 that he's taken up lead roles such as in Oh My God and Unexpected Love. At the same year, he joined the cast of Go Fighting! which led to his increased popularity in China.

Zhang Yixign Lay The Island Poster
Upon receiving the award, Yixing expressed his gratitude to co-actor and friend, Huang Bo for giving him the opportunity to star in an amazing movie that has given him a chance to grow and learn new things. He mentioned that this is the first recognition he received as an actor and he will use it as motivation to work harder in the future.

Lay Zhang Yixing 25th Huading Awards Best Supporting Actor
While Yixing may seem surprised in getting the award, his co-stars Huang Bo, Wang Xun, and Shu Qi clearly think otherwise since they said they all expected Yixing to win it as they send their warm congratulations. Aww, this shows how good of an actor our Yixing is!

Lay Zhang Yixing 25th Huading Awards Best Supporting Actor
Among the winners that night, the top acting awards went to Aaron Kwok who was hailed Best Actor for his portrayal of the counterfeit artist Lee Man in the commercial success Project Gutenberg. The Best Actress award went to Ma Yili for her extraordinary performance in the movie Lost, Found.

Congratulations on everyone's well-deserved success!

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