Zhang Ruoyun apologizes for response to reporter

zhang ruoyun

After Zhang Ruoyun and Tang Yixin's wedding news filled the headlines yesterday, Zhang Ruoyun showed up at the airport today seemingly in a rush. A reporter trying to catch up with him asked how preparations were going, to which Zhang responded something equivalent to, "It's none of your business." The short encounter got the actor trending online. 

The same afternoon, Zhang Ruoyun took to weibo to apologize. He writes, "Reporter dagemen (big brothers), schedule's hectic, I didn't speak appropriately at the airport. Woke up to realize the attention you've given. I've reflected on it, you (reporters) do have it quite difficult. Saying "It's none of your business" really was too much, I shouldn't have spoken out of line. My apologizes to each of you, rushing to my big day, my actions were inappropriate, hope for your considerations. Let's be happy. Thank you everyone. Here's a yeah sign." 

As people responded to his post, Zhang Ruoyun further explained in the comments section, "The reporter at the scene did not ask any inappropriate questions, I lost my temper. Would like to apologize to the reporter again. Thank you for everyone's blessings, be polite and amiable, keep it low-key. 

Aww, frankly, I think the guy deserves some slack because he has a wedding to get to!

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  1. It is true that it is none of their business. That type of response would offend anybody, even if they're nobody but just nosy people. And celebrities aren't allowed to offend anybody.

    Everybody is excited for them, it will be nice if he share what's going on, but he has the right to answer who he wants to answer.

  2. Well the remark was funny to me.