Zhang Jike and Jing Tian are officially broken up

It's no secret that break up rumors have surrounded actress Jing Tian and her boyfriend, world-renowned table tennis player Zhang Jike, for a while now. The two announced that they were dating early last year and were all lovey-dovey for some time. However, rumors started circulating that the couple broke up towards the end of 2018. 

Come May 20 this year which happened to be Chinese Valentine's Day, the rumors rang louder and fans were heartbroken when they saw that the two changed their matching couple avatars. While responding to fans on social media, Zhang Jike commented that he will not be celebrating V-day and when asked about his love life, he posted his new avatar with the caption "do you understand now?"

On June 9, the 30-year old actress posted a message on her Weibo saying "Thankful for having once met, well wishes for the future." The actress's studio has gone on to confirm that the two have indeed broken up. 


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