Yao Chen Responds to Magnolia Awards Snub: Hopes to Get One by 40

yao chen magnolia awards
Fans were quite sad when All is Well star Yao Chen lost Best Actress to Jiang Wenli at the prestigious Magnolia Awards held last week. Her co-stars aka All Is Well family members Ni Dahong and Guo Jingfei brought home Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor respectively. 

yao chen magnolia awards
Yao Chen herself was sad too as she took to Weibo on the same night with a solo shot of herself and said, "Luck for winning awards is as bad as always, good thing the person is still beautiful like before." Nonetheless, she reacts to her loss in a way that really deserves our respect in a recent interview.

yao chen weibo movie night
While she did not win for her drama, Yao Chen picked up a Best Actress award for the movie Lost, Found at the 2019 Weibo Movie Night yesterday. When asked about her feelings towards her recent loss at the Magnolia Awards, Yao Chen gives a well-spoken answer. 

The 39-year-old Yao Chen says that she had always hoped that her luck for these kinds of ceremonies would be a bit better, and maybe allow her to bag an award by age 40. Having been part of the judging panel for the Magnolia Awards in the past, she acknowledges that these awards come at the right place and right time. It's obvious that she's sad, but she just laughs it off and says that she'll work harder next time.

yao chen weibo movie night
Personally I'd say that although Yao Chen didn't win the award, she has won over the hearts of viewers with her captivating performance in All is Well. Also, to be nominated is already an achievement. Kudos to her and to all the other actors and actresses who work hard to hone their craft. 

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  1. I really like this actress. I pray that all goes well for her.