Yang Mi Adds Two Feathers To Her Cap With New Wax Figure and Versace Endorsement

Yang Mi
It's a great start of the week for actress Yang Mi as she celebrates two career highlights today. First of, the actress unveils a new wax figure of herself in Shanghai's Madame Tussauds museum. In a nod to her drama The Great Craftsman with Wallace Huo who himself has multiple wax figures in several Madame Tussauds, Yang Mi's wax twinnie is all kitted up in a Republican era outfit with her straight across bangs. Personally, I feel like the wax twin should've had a slightly longer and a touch softer fringe to avoid being too austere. But that's just me. 

Meanwhile, wax twin it is NOT though for some Netizens as they liken Yang Mi's new wax figure to the kid in the Chinese cartoon series Big-Headed Kid and Small-Headed Father 脸大头儿子 with her straight across fringe reminiscent of the boy character's big forehead and short bangs. What are your thoughts guys?

Yang Mi The Great Craftsman

Yang Mi The Great Craftsman wax
Undoubtedly, you'll also notice that the actress is glaringly clad in head to toe Versace for the event (okay maybe not to the toes 'cause I'm not quite sure where her shoes are from) with the ubiquitous logo tee tucked into a leather-look skirt and a huge logo belt from the Italian brand. This is because Yang Mi has been appointed as the Italian luxury fashion house's newest brand ambassador! Not only that but the house's very first brand ambassador in China. Fans can expect to see the star featured in Versace's Pre Fall 2019 campaigns.

Yang Mi Versace Brand Ambassador

Yang Mi Versace Brand Ambassador
Kudos again to the ever chic and stylish Yang Mi!

Yang Mi Versace Brand Ambassador
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  1. omg wax figures getting worse and worse. They got the face to look a little legit. But the top of the head is so tiny. They probably hate her brain so they didn't sculpt that for her XP it's not the hair fault because in the movie she still look great even with the curly bangs. That was a topless head.

    1. Oh my! Yes you hit the nail on the head (pun intended hehe). The head is too tiny! Thanks for pointing it out and commenting.

  2. Agree with the topless head comment. First thing I thought was...where's the rest of her head?

  3. I agree. She has a long forehead, but they made her forehead so short there. It looks really weird.