Why Princess Silver's Hair Turns White?

princess silver red curtain scene
The moment that book fans have been eagerly waiting for is finally coming next week! Princess Silver 白发 will see Rong Le's hair turn white. Leading man Aarif Rahman reveals that it was his most unforgettable scene in the drama. 

He was impressed with the ten pages of buildup that led to the pivotal moment and likened the experience of reading the script to that of a book fan's. He became very invested in what was happening. When he reached the end, he took a deep breath and was in a state of shock. He also said that it got the cast talking among themselves since all of them - Sophie ZhangJing Chao and Luo Yunxi were in that scene. 

princess silver red curtain scene
In Mo Yanshang's novel The White Haired Imperial Concubine, Rong Le's hair of ebony black transforms into a snowy white hue overnight because of the machinations of Fu Chou. While Fu Chou loved Rong Le, she loved Wu You. Fu Chou schemes for Hen Xiang to pretend to be Rong Le and gives her a drug that will entice her to make love to Wu You. It is mistakenly ingested by the real Rong Le. Fu Chou sends Rong Le to lay in bed with Wu You without realizing who she really is. 

princess silver
On that fateful day with roughly 100,000 soldiers present, Rong Le never imagined that she would be humiliated publicly, much less in the watchful eyes of a large male audience. In the novel, she is a woman from a different period who has time travelled a thousand years. 

princess silver red curtain scene
With the adaptation of the novel into a drama, there's always the question of how the story will be brought to life, and the episode 35 preview teases intense moments behind the red curtains. Will you be watching? 

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  1. I did not watch the drama but I will be tuning in for this scene because it is the scene in the book that made me go omg whaaaaaa?!!!! popcorn.gif

    1. Obviously they won't show the scene due to TV restrictions as Chinese dramas are not rated. I think in the drama Rong Le is going to stab Wu You, which makes her hair go white due to shock. Somebody leaked the scene and it featured Rong Le holding a dagger and Wu You having a bloody wound.

  2. Wait...The White-Haired *Imperial Concubine*? So presumably she's the nth wife of some emperor... If that emperor is Wu You, he's definitely gone back on his 'won't marry for the kingdom' thing.