Wang Kai, Angel Wang, Hu Jun & Liu Yijun Star in Police Drama Hunting

Hunting Cop drama
The Disguiser is a spy drama back in 2015 that quickly became a huge hit with audiences.  No surprise there as it had a well-written story and talented actors.  For those of you looking for another show with a great story and cast, the upcoming police drama Hunting 猎狐 may be your cup of tea. Wang Kai, Angel Wang Ou and Liu Yijun, who have all worked together on The Disguiser, will join veteran actor Hu Jun on this one. Hunting is scheduled to start filming this summer. 

Hunting police drama
Just like the series The Thunder, action and realism will be the main components of Hunting which tells the story of an investigative police team that tracks down and pursues criminals.  Zhao Dongling, who wrote the story for Red Sorghum is in charge of the script for Hunting.  He says that a lot of research went into making the script and that filming will take place overseas.  

According to Hunting's director Liu Xin, the image of the police won't be like previous dramas which showed them being strong and athletic.  Instead, the officers will rely on technology and their brains.  

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