Tong Liya's Character Arc in Nothing But Thirty Receives Backlash

Tong Liya Nothing But Thirty
Dramas with realistic themes like All is Well and Hope All Is Well With Us have received a lot of love this year. Modern drama Nothing But Thirty 三十而已 recently introduced its cast of Tong Liya, Maggie Jiang Shuying and Mao XiaotingThe three will play middle aged women with different backgrounds who try to live their lives amidst love and domestic problems.

However, the casting announcement was tainted with some dispute at the onset. While there was the issue of who should get top billing between Tong Liya and Maggie Jiang, a lot of dissatisfaction was also directed towards Tong Liya's character.

Tong Liya Nothing But Thirty
Tong Liya is supposed to be playing a strong independent woman, yet her character is cheated on by her husband and tries to cling on to her marriage. Many questioned why she would allow herself to go through that?  Why not divorce immediately?  This hit close to home as Tong Liya's real life husband Chen Sicheng was rumored to be cheating on her before.  People felt that in a way, Tong Liya seemed to be playing herself. 

Regardless of the hate, there are those who counter that divorce is a choice, much like reconciliation. It is easy to be brainwashed by the media to believe that divorce is the only option when you're a modern woman. With regards to Tong Liya's character being made to look like she's in a support role, a netizen commented that first and foremost, it is the actor's job to give life to the role.  If people think a support character is shameful, then the best supporting award is a shameful award.  

From a neutral standpoint, I think that yes, divorce is a choice, not THE only choice and should not be forced upon those who don't want it. The actress herself said that she's seen the discussions online. She explains that the 'character' being talked about online is different from the character that she read in the script. Acting is the top priority of an actor and she thanks everyone for their concern. 

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  1. They judged on it before watching it? Heol. Supernatural thing or what? Lols

  2. Netizens are disgusting, when it comes to their idols, they say actors don't have control over the storyline, if people want to yell at somebody then go blame the directors and not the actors. Now, what control does TLY has over the storyline and scripting? The story is made that way, so what? What they should only focus on is, she acted all her scenes herself and acted them out convincingly with good skills. If they don't like the storyline then the movie isn't for them and just go find another movie with the scripting they like. If the actor didn't act well or stay professional then explain how, bc there was no problem with TLY acting ability.

    I heard TLY was selected for a Huading award. Some fans were angry their idols were not selected instead, TLY being the younger one and her background isn't strong like Zhang Ziyi and all the other candidates, fans just want to pick on her and switch her out with their idols.

  3. Here's that one article I found if you put on google translate through google chrome you'll understand it enough.

    ZLY fans again...Monkey King III had embarrassing box office too. I don't think she is a better actress than TLY. And I don't agree the woman king is a bad character to play, not at all. TLY's character in NBT is the bad one, and she still acted well on it. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as small character, only small actor.

    1. You have an unnatural obsession with ZLY. That article mentioned like 5 different artists but somehow it became ZLY fans causing problems.

    2. Anon 3.a
      Dude I was following TLY, not everyone is obsessed with ZLY like you think. I didn't ask ZLY fans to appear, they just do. Out of the 5 actresses they all get praises about their good acting, except when it comes to TLY it says her acting was good but the box office wasn't great. Implying why ZLY was not on the list. The comparing of TLY and ZLY was clear.

      I follow TLY, she usually don't even get notice or buzz about her projects. The reason why people suddenly attack her about this specific project is because she got an award people didn't want her to get. Otherwise, this type of project usually don't even get any discussion online.

    3. No, it doesn't. Sadly Tong Liya gets criticized every time she wins an award bc some of the general public doesnt consider her a good actress. I personally think she is good enough.
      As for box office, it makes no sense. Neither of them are box office hits. Also, the reason why this whole controversy is a thing is closer to TLY personal life and little to do with any other actress.

    4. THere actually been so many examples of other actresses playing roles very close their own life too. And playing roles with personality that's only the same liek themselves in real life. There was no problem.

      It's just likely the award. And maybe the divorce thing but I still don't see why a person is consider weak if try to reconcile their relationship. Like the whole media, I do personally agree she should divorce the scum too. But I admire she follow her own believe and decision, not affect by what everyone else think she should do.

  4. I really like Tong Liya. However, I can see why people online would react this way. I think it is due to the similarities between this character and Tong Liya's marital problems. And why I do think that divorce is only one option and reconciliation is another. It is kind of hard to make a case for reconciliation when one party is constantly putting the other one down. I get her trying to save her family but her husband comes off really vile and her putting up with his comments and treatments makes it seem like she is being abused tbh. I personally dont understand why he goes out of his way to make it so hard for her.
    I dont know any of them personally, but what he puts out there makes me feel sorry for this beautiful,talented, wealthy woman that somehow seems stuck in a horrible marriage. If it was my neighbor treating his wife that way I would also feel bad for her.