Sad Night for TV: The Investiture of the Gods and Novoland: Eagle Flag Suddenly Taken Off Air

investiture of the gods novoland: eagle flag pulled off the air
It should be dubbed the mystery of the missing episodes.

In a night of surprising letdowns, two dramas fell prey to the overused excuse of 'quality issues” as a reason for pulling a show abruptly from the roster. I’m talking about The Investiture of the Gods and Novoland: Eagle Flag

Of the two, Novoland: Eagle Flag which was supposed to premiere last night (Jun 3) has been postponed to an unknown future release. I don’t know how much of a heads up were provided for the cancellations. I mean, Novoland: Eagle Flag has been on full promotion mode until up to eleventh hour when less than 30 minutes prior to the premiere, news broke that the fantasy drama was not going to air after all. 

novoland: eagle flag
Investiture of the Gods had it a little bit better (only just) since 53 out of its 65 episodes have already been aired. Unfortunately though, it seems that the show had to be rushed edited in order to squeeze in the remaining 12 episodes into 2 episodes to conclude the drama in 55, also scheduled for last night. 

I take back what I said about Investiture of the Gods having it a little bit easier. Without any warning at all, the finale for Investiture of the Gods never aired. Instead, it was replaced by Young Blood which premiered with zero fanfare and promotion.  

investiture of the gods cdrama
As you know, China has a censorship system which may or may have not been the culprit. It’s not unheard of for certain (unlucky) productions to face restrictions from the National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA); though we'll probably never know the real reason aside from the one given at face value. 

These sudden postponements are truly unfortunate in the face of growing interest in Chinese dramas among international audiences. What are your thoughts regarding the Investiture of the Gods lack of a finale and were any of you disappointed when Novoland: Eagle Flag did not air as planned last night? Sound off in the comments section below.


  1. in China, to be aired or not to be aired...

    that is the question.

  2. I wasn't only feeling disappointed with the premiere cancellation but also furious that I feel like throwing table to whoever caused this last night. It's taken off literally few minutes before the premiere it's so f*** RUDE to the cast and production team.

    I'm still dejected and disheartened thinking of the efforts of the cast and production team. We were so close to the premiere and now we don't know when will it air. Please not another month of wait. T____T

  3. Having it pulled before it aired is way better than getting the show pulled when it was close to completion. It's basically an unfinished story with no end cuz some dumbass stole the last chapters. I just want to see Daji and the Fox die you know? Hopefully together!!

  4. Eagle Flag = USA flag. I'm sure Novoland will air after they changed the series name...

  5. Gotta stop this, China. So long as America maintains its monopoly on entertainment around the world, their message will be the one to get out there. China should care more about attracting the world with their films than with censoring them to the nth degree. They'll win far, far more hearts and minds that way, while refraining from pissing off the population at home who are excited for a show only to have it ripped from them a few minutes before it was to air.

  6. Aghhh the finicky of uncle Censorship.....

  7. i know china emphasizes "good quality" dramas that has "useful values" and somehow like that, not deviated from history, fable, or whatever ... i do not know what really the reason this two dramas being taken off, but the film production team, actors, etc had been working hard-- well, lets hope the censorship really could push film industry to create "good dramas that accepted by all"

  8. production budget bankupt!!!

    example FuYao epic wtf cut to wtf ending!

    most money issue

  9. Just watched 53 episodes of Investiture of the Gods only to find out there is no ending!! Why even put it out there if you can't finish it? Sad because I really like the actors and actresses.

  10. Very sad and disappointed that there is not sight of an ending for Investiture of the gods. Finally got myself over not hating Daji to continue watching the show to episode 53 only to find out that there is no ending episodes. Very, very disappointed with the decision of those behind pulling the show. :(

  11. I have seen many adaptations and this one was a very interesting and fresh take on Daji. I'm so angry right now. :(

  12. I enjoyed Investiture of the Gods quite a bit. Was shocked when episode 53 ended on Amazon and there were no more episodes to see. Even if the final 12 episodes can't be streamed I'd have purchased a DVD set of the show just to finish it up, expect I guess they've never been released at all. I have to hope maybe years from now they'll eventually make it to market. I don't get China's logic in licensing out incomplete shows to foreign markets. This doesn't happen with content from Japan or South Korea.

    1. Clearly, they wish to milk as much money as they can from their products while also ruining them in the process.