That time Ma Yili and Hu Ge tripped at an awards show over ten years ago

Hu Ge Ma Yili
It's the 25th Shanghai TV Festival and among the presenters at tonight's Magnolia Awards are Ma Yili and Hu Ge. It's a star-studded evening of exceptional individuals receiving well-deserved accolades, but I kinda love that the top trending topic was about an incident from many years ago that is giving everyone a good laugh now. 

Hu Ge Ma Yili trip awards show
When Ma Yili and Hu Ge took the stage tonight, they shared an interesting little story from the time they presented an award at the Beijing College Student Film Festival more than a decade ago. Hu Ge started by saying that that he's so happy to be able to present an award with Ma Yili again. The first time in his life that he stood onstage to hand out an award was with Ma Yili and they fell to the floor together. He says that it's a memory he will never forget. Ma Yili further revealed that she and Hu Ge agreed backstage that this time around, they were going to stand on that stage no matter what. 

Hu Ge Ma Yili trip awards show
The embarrassing moment trended with old clips showing how they took a pretty hard fall back then. When they finally reached the podium, the two had said that the stage was slippery wet and joked that someone was out to get them. It must've hurt, but at least they can laugh about it now. 😂

Update: Ma Yili shared photos comparing their moment in 2003 and 2019, but the story did not end there. Hu Ge cheekily corrected her, "Senior, this seems to have been in 2005." Ma Yili replies that the year is not important, the important thing is they did not trip!

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