Raymond Lam and Carina Zhang's 9.18 Carat Ring Trends as Engagement Rumors Continue

Raymond Lam and girlfriend Carina Zhang
Rumor has it that Raymond Lam is finally willing to settle down and start a family. Since last year, the 39-year-old actor/singer has moved on from his break up with his girlfriend of 5 years, Karena Ng and appears to have found someone he can spend forever with. And yes, it is none other than the 29-year-old Carina Zhang Xinyue.    

Raymond Lam proposed to Carina Zhang?
A couple days ago, Hong Kong media broke with news that Raymond Lam traveled to Yancheng, Carina's hometown and proposed on Jun 1. Today, the engagement bells rang even louder as the couple were trending for the alleged 9.18 carat diamond ring that Raymond gifted Carina. 9.18 is Carina's birthday, September 18. 

Insiders say that the wedding will take place on December 8 this year, coinciding with Raymond's 40th birthday. Raymond Lam's manager did not confirm nor deny the news, but explained that Raymond was filming a drama on June 1. 

Raymond Lam Carina Zhang engaged?
Given Raymond's star status as opposed to Carina who's an aspiring model, their relationship isn't viewed so favorably by the public but it seems this couple may have found true love after dating for over a year. Should Raymond's engagement turn out to be true, I with them the best and hope they'll be blessed with happiness.

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