Potential Drama Reunion for Li Yifeng and Yang Zi in Mirror Twin Cities

Li Yifeng Yang Zi Mirror Twin Cities Rumored Cast
"In a world that's overexposed, the coolest thing you can be is a mystery."

Upcoming fantasy drama Mirror Twin Cities 镜·双城 based on a novel by Cang Yue seems to take this saying to heart as it is indeed wrapped in mystery. The series has reportedly began filming in Sichuan, however, the cast has yet to be announced with one measly poster released last November to curb the appetite of the viewing public.

 Mirror Twin Cities Conceptual poster
But of course, every secret has a way of coming out with Li Yifeng and Yang Zi's names floating around. If you are a big fan of costume dramas then there's a fat chance you've seen Li Yifeng's works already. The singer-actor secured his fame by playing the hero in the highly successful Swords of Legends five years ago.  

Not only that, should the casting rumors turn out to be true, it will be a mini-reunion from Legend of Chusen where Li Yifeng played the main protagonist Zhang Xiaofan and Yang Zi played the second lead Lu Xueqi. 

Li Yifeng Yang Zi Legend of Chusen cast
Mirror Twin Cities author Cang Yue also wrote Listening Snow Tower. This time, the story revolves around a Miao ethnic girl who is pure and bubbly. The male lead is a complicated character with a light and dark side. It sounds like the kind of genre that would be a walk in the park for both. 

But please, let's not get our hopes up because as of this time of writing, there has been no official announcement except for the pictures leaked in separate occasions that show Li Yifeng and Yang Zi going for a costume fitting for 'something'.

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  1. I hope it's true! It's been quite a long time since I've seen Li Yifeng in a costume drama.

  2. Omg! I hope this is true too! I was yearning for Xiao Fan and XueQi to end up together but no season 3 of Chusen! Well their characters does sound like a walk in the park for them. Their fans are wieir, thinking playing this role will set them back! Seriously let the artist pick and play what they want. And if they are getting paid bih money and the drama becomes a success that's always a good thing! No set back!

  3. I will still watch this since it has Yang Zi on it. but I'm getting tired of the same bubbly, pure, naive, obtuse character that she always plays. I wanna see her in something bad ass. I have no question about her acting range, as a fan I just wanna see her act it. But this is just me thou.

    1. There is my mowgli boy and gogo squid. Let's see how her character plays out.

    2. Her character in Go Go Squid is bubbly, pure, naive and obtuse if you have read the novel. Another attempt to imitate Zhao Liying's road to fame. Too bad she doesn't have ZLY's face.

      Mowgli will definitely flop. It has such a boring plot.

    3. Everybody is trying to have a face like ZLY these days. Eyes that are huge and conquer 90% of the entire face and a mouth that is teeny tiny, it's cute like a cartoon.

  4. Tired of the bubbly roles, but now that they remind me of the unrealistic boring cold Lue Xueqi...neh that's even worse. She can play a thousand more bubbly roles instead of the dumb cold robot that don't make any sense.

    Depending if the director is good, anyone can play bubbly or cold. It will be fine if they do it correctly, no matter how many times they want to do it that's fine. Goddess Joey Wong played a ghost woman over 100 times I loved all of them.
    But... too many bad dramas these days, can't count on it. Was it snow tower or princess silver the writer claimed to use 3 years to write it?? In the end the story was just still so silly, for both dramas. Esp princess silver, seriously...amnesia? I can cook that up within a few hours.

    The bad cold characters are usually worse than the bad bubbly ones IMO, if both are going to be bad I'll pick the bad bubbly.

  5. I hope it's true. I love fantasy dramas.

  6. I'm so glad this rumor isn't true. The drama has been shelved for now.
    Yang Zi is ugly (to me) and plastic looking. Her pairing in a fantasy historical drama with one of the most handsome male actor in China would be such a wasted opportunity.
    I was able to stand her pairing with Deng Lun because they both aren't attractive.
    Yang Zi should look at the mirror more often. She is neither pretty nor cute (but tries so hard to be), and stick to modern dramas.

    I'll recommend Chen Yuqi, Zhu Xudan, Ju Jingyi, Zhang Tianai, Li Qin, Li Yitong, Bai Lu if they want an actress thats pretty and looks good in historical costumes.

    1. *Zhang Tianai and Wu Jinyan too

    2. If she is plastic looking then that means she is pretty, isn't the most pretty girls today are the ones who did plastic surgery?
      Like the people you recommended Ju Jingyi, Zhang Tainai, Li Yitong who all look very plastic.

      Yang Zi was a child actor, now she still looks the same like when she was a kid. Now don't start saying she did plastic surgery ever since she 5 year old.
      So now you know why she isn't as pretty, because she didn't do the damn plastic surgery. Those who are pretty are the plastic ones.

    3. LOL educate yourself. All chinese netizens say that she is plastic-looking, and not the pretty kind. Go read up more. Only dumb delusional international fans like you would say she is natural :D

      The others are plastic (not ZTA though) but at least they are pretty. Yang Zi's face is melting.

    4. You are like the most perfect human, look at the mirror, you must be worse than Yang Zi and he is famous

  7. why all the hate. She has done well in Ashes of Love and Go Go Squid. keep the hate out....