Once Upon a Time There was a Spirit Sword Mountain

Once Upon a Time There was a Spirit Sword Mountain Xu Kai
Get ready for some kick arse martial arts swordplay and action as the web novel based fantasy drama Once Upon a Time There was a Spirit Sword Mountain 从前有座灵剑山 transports us back in time again as it dramatises the story of Wang Lu, and his journey of cultivation into the Spirit Blade Sect under the tutelage of Wang Wu. 

Once Upon a Time There was a Spirit Sword Mountain Sandrine Pinna
Actor Xu Kai who needs no further introduction after his portrayal of Mo Qing in The Legends impressed many audiences, will be playing the drama's protagonist hero Wang Lu, while the beautiful Sandrine Pinna will be playing opposite as his mentor Wang Wu 

Once Upon a Time There was a Spirit Sword Mountain
What makes the Spirit Blade Sect special you ask? The Spirit Blade Sect, founded in the year 4233 is legendary in having cultivated martial arts geniuses the world over for more than a thousand years. It has continued to thrive and be considered as one of the five major sects in the Ten Thousand Celestial Alliance. In an effort to attract new blood and bring in new initiates, prodigies and hero-potentials have all been welcomed to attend the Celestial gathering. It is into this "world" our protagonist Wang Lu finds himself in, who under the tutelage of his mentor Wang Wu, sets out on his own path to greatness.

Once Upon a Time There was a Spirit Sword Mountain Guo Xiaoting

Once Upon a Time There was a Spirit Sword Mountain
Aside from Xu Kai, whose good looks seem well tailored for period dramas and Sandrine Pinna, Ryan Zhu Yuanbing, Gao Yuer, Guo Xiaoting, He Wenjun and Zheng Yawen will also be featured in the series.

Release Date: TBD on iQIYI

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  1. A noona romance then? Count me in.

  2. WHAT??? Teacher student taboo again? And it's the female who will be the teacher this time?

    I feel bad for him, The Legends didn't turn out so great. Have a strong feeling already this will be worse.

  3. Replies
    1. Don't know in terms of ratings, but it was very boring overall. I heard a few scenes got some good yays, only when the couple finally got together the drama got the attention there. Otherwise, I skimmed everything by 90% to the point I don't even have interest to know what it's about, didnt even stop to watch the fanship scenes either. 1 it's not my type of drama and 2 it is too slow, 3 graphics and settings arent amazing either.

  4. I disagree with everything. The story was strong, with clear themes. Characters were well developed, likeable and sympthetic. Not to mention the tons and tons of character growth across the board. Neither cinematography, costumes nor music was lacking. Do I even have to mention the strongest element of all, the chemistry? It was the best I've seen since Peach Blossoms. It carries the entire drama.

    Granted the biggest flaw was the poor editing, and the ending was overall lack-luster and confusing. This was due to the last minute decision to change what was shot and scripted to a happy ending, opposed to bittersweet. Last five episodes and scenes all out of order, it was easy to tell. There is a fan-edit out there which fixes that.

    Whether it was boring or not all depends on the person viewing, and what they like.

    1. Can you point to the fan-edit? Thank you!

    2. No problem, it was posted on mydramatist.com on the page for the drama.

      I would also recommended if you plan on watching, Viki has the best version out there with full subtitles. :) The YouTube playlist has missing scenes.