Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu's Baby Is Nicknamed After Scarlet Heart

scarlet heart
Do you guys still remember the palace drama Scarlet Heart 步步惊心 that starred onscreen lovers Cecilia Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu back in 2011 and spawned a sequel in 2014? I'm fairly sure it's unforgettable for both Cecilia and Nicky since they ultimately fell in love, got married and welcomed their first child this year.  

scarlet heart 2
The proud parents haven't revealed the baby's name yet so we don't know what to call the little bundle of love but a certain DJ Yuni, a friend of Nicky Wu, shared pics on the net of her meeting with the singer-actor.  She also said that she has met their baby boy and that he looks just like a little Nicky Wu.  DJ Yuni further shared that Cecilia and Nicky chose to nickname their kid Bubu 步步, which resembles Scarlet Heart's Chinese title Bu Bu Jing Xin.

It's a nice tribute for Cecilia and Nicky to name their kid after the show that had a hand in bringing them together in the first place.

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