Man Gets Gets Too Into The Thunder and Prank Calls the Cops 17 Times

the thunder
Crime drama The Thunder 破冰行动 starring Johnny Huang Jingyu was quite a hit when it aired recently, featuring policemen who struggle to win the war against drugs. Well, this might be your crazy story for the day because it looks like it was too much of a good drama for one guy who probably thought he was part of the cast.

A man from Zhejiang prank called the police at 4:25am in the morning earlier this June, repeatedly saying that he had killed someone and asking when the police would come to catch him. He called for a total of 17 times in an hour. Now, I don't get what he's doing, if he really were a criminal, he would have been a really stupid one.

A few moments later, police came and searched his location where he immediately denied making the calls. Turns out, the man has been binge-watching The Thunder and maybe, got a little too hooked with the violence that came with it. The man has been detained for seven days and slapped with a fine of 200 RMB. 

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