Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong as a composer and the devil in When the Devil Calls Your Name

cast When the Devil Calls Your Name
The last time we saw Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung-woong together, they were professional, bickering cops in pursuit of the bad guys in Life on Marsthe Korean adaptation of the UK TV series of the same name. Now that they're back in the small screens, they will be starring in a totally different fantasy drama, When The Devil Calls Your Name where they will be acting in opposing sides. 

When the Devil Calls Your Name cast Jung Kyung Ho
The series released new stills for the drama and I can say that the two actors are looking waaaay handsome. Jung Hyung Ho is sporting a gray coat and t-shirt, going for the minimalist type of look and definitely rocking it. He certainly owns the star composer that his character is. Of course, the shot in a recording studio helps in establishing that. 

When the Devil Calls Your Name cast Lee Sung Woong
Meanwhile, nothing screams like "I'm-a-top actor-possessed-by-the-devil" more than the flaming, red hot suit that Park Sung-woong is wearing. If the devil is as good-looking as he is, then I bet he can make most people sell their souls to him, present company included. Lol!

The duo's series is an interesting take on Johann Wolfgang von Gothe's Faust. It was a tragic play but I'm hoping that this modern-day adaptation will give it a comedic twist especially with the two actors headlining it. 

Their undeniable chemistry kinda reminds me of Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-wook in Goblin. The series will follow the story of the star composer who sold his soul to the devil and would have to deal with the repercussion when that deal is about to end. We'll definitely see the two of them soon as the series is set to premiere July 31 on tvN.

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