Jay Chou's photo of their family of four

Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan family photo
Being a celebrity automatically puts you under the spotlight so staying low-key can be quite a challenge. Jay Chou and his wife model-actress Hannah Quinlivan has managed to do it for a while now. The couple have two children: their eldest daughter Hathaway and their youngest son Romeo. Aww, cute names! Fans barely see the two kids since Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan rarely post pictures of them and if they do, the kids' faces are mostly hidden. It's probably to shield them from the public as they are too young to be smothered by too much attention.

Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan
On his son's second birthday party, Jay Chou showed fans a glimpse of their loving family of four. It was also revealed that Romeo's name is actually Jaylen Romeo. Jay Chou wrote this message to his son, "Happy birthday to my cool son 🧒🏼Jaylen Romeo, I hope that you will grow up and diligently master the piano. This way, like daddy, you will also be able to marry a beautiful wife haha"

Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan family photo
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