Serenade of Peaceful Joy (2020)

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Heads-up Wang Kai fans! It has surely been a long wait since 2015's Nirvana in Fire, but the actor is back for another historical drama in Serenade of Peaceful Joy 清平乐, previously known as Held in the Lonely Castle 孤城闭. Wang Kai has wrapped filming yesterday after more than five months in Hengdian. Maggie Jiang Shuying takes up the role as the empress and his leading lady. 

Serenade of Peaceful Joy empress
Serenade of Peaceful Joy is a 55-episode drama that follows the story of Emperor Song Renzong as he struggles to maintain his principles in ruling the country. It has a lot going for it with Zhang Kaizhou of The Story of Minglan directing this and Daylight Entertainment having had a record year with its string of hits in the past six months alone. 

Serenade of Peaceful Joy ren min
Emperor Song Renzong, finds out the truth about his parentage and learns that his birth mother Li Lanhui, is a servant of the Empress Dowager Liu E. Filled with guilt towards Li Lanhui, he considers marrying off his favorite daughter Princess Huirou (Ren Min) to Li Wei, a descendant of the Li family.

Serenade of Peaceful Joy yang le
As the emperor struggles to maintain peace and order within the royal court, he is also greatly troubled by his daughter who harbors feelings for another man, the eunuch Liang Huaiji (Bian Cheng). Unwilling to accept the arranged marriage, Princess Huirou breaks the rules enforced in the palace, thus forcing the Emperor into a difficult situation.

Serenade of Peaceful Joy bian cheng
I haven't actually seen The Story of Minglan, but it seems that many are comparing the two in terms of how aesthetically similar they are. I do remember Wang Kai's performance in Nirvana in Fire fondly as one of my favorites. Wang Kai has been quite selective with the projects he's been in given that he only filmed one drama, Daylight Entertainment's Like A Flowing River, last year which turned out to be a hit. Nonetheless, he really does look majestic in royal robes even better than in modern outfits, and it's about time he made his way back to the genre. 

Other casts include Yang Le, Ye Zuxin, Yu Entai, Wang Churan, Liu Jun, Feng Hui, Wang Benyu, Wu Yue, Amelie Xu Lingyue and Cao Xiwen.

Release Date: April 7, 2020 Hunan TV, Tencent 

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Serenade of Peaceful Joy ye zuxin

Serenade of Peaceful Joy

Serenade of Peaceful Joy wang churan

Serenade of Peaceful Joy liu jun

Serenade of Peaceful Joy feng hui

Serenade of Peaceful Joy

Serenade of Peaceful Joy wu yue

Serenade of Peaceful Joy xu lingyue

Serenade of Peaceful Joy cao xiwen

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  1. Cinemagraphy, color, lighting, clothing, styling looks exactly the same like Ming Lan.

    But, will the hype be as big? LOL The storyline sounds way more interesting here but without the big idol this time let's bet how "BORING" people will say this is going to be. The pictures look quite boring. I don't know if Wang Kai fans will go crazy, he doesn't seem like a idol.

    Although plot sound ok but not enough for 50+ episodes for sure. I hate how they portray ancient people like bore, pulling lifeless robotic faces. So expressionless. That's way too extreme. And then, making them so modern minded all of a sudden is another extreme. Hopefully they hit the right spot like Yanxi Palace, I first find Yanxi Palace posters boring too but the real movie is not boring. But this is another director and I was not impress by their previous drama Ming Lan, a total bore.

    BTW, the new actress look very pretty from the poster. Thank god seem like she is very pretty with bangs.

  2. Considering both 'Ming Lan' and this drama take place in the Song Dynasty, it makes sense for them to have similar aesthetics.

  3. I watched ming lan and totally bored... I dont like it despite of the hype and zanilia. Probably bcuz i dont like the male lead and his story. Duh, man with many concubines, sorry... Not my fave.

    1. Ironically, the only good thing in the Story of Minglan was because of the males and veterans actors. The female lead did not act as good as them when the story is about her.

  4. 99% of non-Asian viewers on Viki loved Minglan drama. Those who don't appreciate Jane Austen-type dramas should stick to their favorite genres.

  5. The story of minglan was really well written & the cinemagraphy was treat to the eye... You really can relate to the struggle & the injustice of main lead specially the scene when his father died... Really a true development of character.. While here the synopsis is really discouraged me to watch despite the fact that it is from the same director of the story of minglan.

  6. Ming Lan is a good & interesting drama. Watched it twice. Basically also a chronicle of the life of a typical lady during those ancient times. Maybe I like more serious dramas genre better than silly unrealistic romantic stories with crappy lines. I am looking forward to Lonely Castle. I am expecting it to be good as it is a Daylight production. Wang Kai is not an idol actor. He is a solid actor, well respected within his profession.