Fall In Love Chinese Drama (2019)

fall in love cast Wang Ruichang He Hua
Oopsie! A little bit late to the game here but better late than never right. Now if you're looking for a light romance to welcome in the warmer days of summer, look no further than the new drama Fall in Love 当她恋爱时 which premiered last Tuesday June 11.

fall in love cast Camille He Hua
fall in love cast Wang Ruichang
The 30-episode urban drama Fall in Love is a web adaptation of Shen Cangmei's novel, "The Story of Gossip Girl" which recounts the story of mysterious girl Feng Ping, played by actress Camille He Hua and the sweet story of how she falls for Tang Jianan, a playboy whose cynical veneer hides a kind heart. While there are no Blairs and Chucks nor Serena Van Der Woodsens in this story, the drama does in fact play out in the upper echelons of society as Tang Jianan, played by Wang Ruichang of The Eternal Love fame, is a wealthy playboy who gets engaged to Feng Ping. 

Naturally, wealthy playboys and their activities will always catch the eyes and attention of society's gossip queens, most especially, the woman who catches his heart. Initially shunned as a money grubber, social climber and a manipulative fox, Feng Ping eventually wins high society over as they realise she's more than just a pretty face.

fall in love cast
fall in love web drama cast
Following in the footsteps of dramas like Put Your Head On My Shoulder, casting for this series also features fresh faced up and comers who've yet to put their names on the map. Pretty sure though that you'll still find familiar names amongst its cast aside from Wang Ruichang. Be sure to look out for Miles Wei Zheming, Li Ruoning, Luo Zheng, Pu Tao, Wang Youjun, He Nan and Wang Jiameng all of whom will be your companions in this summer romance.

Catch it while you can.

"XOXO, DramaPanda".

Release Date: June 11, 2019 Youku

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fall in love web drama cast
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  1. I tried to watch the first episode, but couldn't finish it due to the male lead. I find him very unattractive and has a leering/evil look to him. I can't watch a romance with such a male lead.

    1. brunch where is he unattractive??? He is handsome.I've noticed him since Eternal Love.

    2. bruhhhh where is he unattractive??? He is handsome.I've noticed him since Eternal Love.

    3. At certain camera angles, I have to agree with you; but he is a good actor and in the end I found his attractive side. By dropping this drama, you have missed three new actors (Luo Zheng, Jeremy Wang, and Wang You Jun) who are potential heart throbs and good actors. Even Miles Wei and Chen Peng Wan Li are worth watching for. You've also missed a good story.

    4. If the only reason you watch drama is because of the looks of a male lead,look first in the mirror because it seems you have an unfulfilled inner fantasy. Besides, the male lead and any other actor is gorgeous in their own individual styles.

  2. We must have watched different dramas because the male lead in this is freaking gorgeous and his cheekbones are to die for.He is just drool worthy and everyone else pales in comparison when he's onscreen.

  3. How can i get all Soundtracks???