Elvia Hsiao's lawyers release statement condemning AIDS rumors

Elva Hsiao singer
Being a celebrity is quite tough and stressful since you never know what to expect, you never know what kind of rumor will stain your career and it seems that Elva Hsiao who's been on hiatus since the end of 2017 was not exempt as the Taiwanese singer-actress found herself in the middle of a malicious rumor claiming that she has AIDS. 

Elva kept mum despite the rumors, but eventually broke her silence last Mother's Day, May 13, to clear the issue. At that time, she said that she felt bad for her mother and will do all that she can to find the culprits. 

Elva Hsiao singer
On June 24, 2019, Beijing Xingquan Firm which was hired by XY Entertainment to represent Elva Hsiao has released a statement. It indicated that Elva took a blood screening test which sufficiently disproves the allegations that she has AIDS. It is mentioned how the controversy is not only damaging Elva Hsiao's public image but is also causing emotional turmoil to the singer, her family, friends, and partners. They are asking for the rumor mongers to stop and delete the misinformation from the internet and even named some user id's who were in violation. If the issue persists, they will take legal action. 

Elva Hsiao singer
The statement also includes a short message from the actress saying: "Every person deserves to be respected, every patient should be loved, people with aids are no exception, don't rely on any medium to degrade the patient, humiliate or insult them."

It makes me mad to read about matters like this because it's not only damaging the victim but it's also discriminating to people with the disease. I'm glad that she's following through on her plan to take up legal action to silence those who are only brave behind the keyboard. 

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