Deng Lun Assures Fans that His 'Little Heart' is Okay

deng lun
We all know how hardworking Deng Lun can be even though he's already become one of the most sought after actors in the industry. 

Deng Lun once shared in an interview how he would do anything for his job and that includes not eating and not sleeping until he gets the job done. He shared how there was a two year time period in the past wherein his rest would only amount from 3-4 hours each day, how he would often not sleep for more than two days straight, or how he would not touch his bed for about a month, sleeping during car rides and going home only to shower. 

Because of this, his heart hurt and when he thinks back, he actually gets a bit scared after the fact. get a bit scared too. Although I really admire his work ethic, we can all agree that it's quite unhealthy.
deng lun the great escape
In an episode of the reality show Great Escape 密室大逃脱, fans got really worried when Deng Lun suffered chest pains after cycling too hard in a challenge. His legs felt jelly and he couldn't stand up. 

After the incident, Deng Lun took to Weibo to say that his "little heart" is fine and everyone need not worry. For him, what he did was for his team. He believes that during times like these, having a will is the most important and that like him, everyone should believe in themselves and tell themselves that they can do it.

the great escape deng lun heart

the great escape deng lun heart

Deng Lun's heart is okay but ours hearts can't help but go out to the actor who has a tendency to neglect his health because he loves his job so much. I have to say that some of the netizen's comments really resonated with me, "Even those who are already successful are still hardworking, what's our reason not to do the same?" Still, health is wealth. Mad respects for his dedication but also hope he can take better care of himself. 

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  1. I feel like he'd get a heart attack before he hits thirty. Stop trying to scare him. It's funny but worrisome nonetheless.

  2. He's so silly. I'm glad he knows his body well, but I want him to take good care of his health too. It's good to be hardworking but not when you're overworking your body more than what it can handle considering ones living style. All in all, I'm glad his little heart is doing okay but my little heart feels uneasy seeing him working so much everyday.

  3. Hope he would take a rest for few months. He can afford to do that now with his status.

  4. I like Deng Lun and he is a good actor. He needs to take better care of himself. Some of us are reckless with our bodies and we'll regret it when we get older.