Deng Chao and Sun Li Celebrate 9 Years of Marriage

Deng Chao and Sun Li
Sun Li and Deng Chao 2018
Messy relationships have always been part and parcel of the entertainment industry but every so often, there are couples whose relationships stand the test of time. Deng Chao and Sun Li who tied the knot on June 7, 2011 celebrate their 9-year anniversary today. 

The husband and wife tandem shared their couple photos on social media while wishing each other a happy anniversary. Although the power couple have gone on to make giant strides in their career with several best actor and best actress nods throughout the years, it's amazing that there's hardly any difference in their appearance. 

Deng Chao and Sun Li
Sun Li and Deng Chao 2010
Their photo from 2018 looks almost the same as their photo from 2010 minus Sun Li's bowl haircut and Deng Chao's bangs, of course and fans are finding it equally amusing that they seem to look more and more alike. 

Deng Chao and Sun Li
The two are no stranger to public displays of affection on social media on special occasions. Last month was their daughter's birthday and in true family tradition, they celebrated by taking the same photo every year with the couple kissing their daughter on the cheeks. It's a cute sight to see.  

Deng Chao and Sun Li
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