Crystal Liu Poses with a Sphynx Cat

With the release Aladdin hyping up Disney fans (like me), I really cannot wait for live-action Mulan which according to reports is set for a release next year. A lot of people seem to have embraced Crystal Liu as the badass heroine. Although I won't say I'm a big fan of her, I can't disagree that she does indeed look good for the role and maybe, she'll be one of my favorite actresses because of Mulan. 

When she's not acting, it warms the heart seeing the actress being a certified animal-lover, chilling with doggos, cattos, floofs, and other cute animals. Recently, she shares a few heartwarming photos with a sphynx cat. It's her first time to touch a hairless cat and she admits that it really does feel different. Funny how the cat looks so nonchalant though; it's probably feeling like a queen. 

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