Charmaine Sheh Catches Flack For Liking Politically Charged Post

charmaine sheh
Politics is an EXTREMELY hot topic these days and it was actress Charmaine Sheh who found herself in the middle of a huge backlash this week after liking an Instagram post showing a photo of an anti-extradition rally in Hong Kong with the hashtag #NoChinaExtradition. 

Huge rallies popped up in the island this week to protest the controversial extradition bill proposed by the Hong Kong government allowing the transfer of criminals to places with whom Hong Kong does not have an extradition deal with, including China, Taiwan and Macau. Many are concerned about the probability of politically motivated trials in the mainland if the bills goes through uncontested.

By hitting LIKE on the Instagram post, the Hong Kong actress finds herself in a difficult position as Chinese netizens interpreted her action as supporting Hong Kong independence, angrily calling for a boycott of her projects and demanding Charmaine to leave the C-drama industry forever. 

charmaine sheh
The actress immediately responded to the clamor by clarifying her actions, saying that she didn't fully grasp the substance of the post when she first "Liked" the photo late at night after a full day's work - "I was scrolling through the work of a well known photographer and liked his photo, but when I later revisited, I was taken aback at what I had "liked" and immediately withdrew it." The actress vehemently added that she loves her country and loves Hong Kong, and by clarifying the matter hoped that people will finally stop over analyzing her actions.

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