Cha Eun Woo and Shin Se Kyung in Pretty Posters for Rookie Historian Go Hae Ryung

Rookie Historian Go Hae Ryung cast
It's high time we see more posters for the upcoming MBC sageuk Rookie Historian Go Hae Ryung which is less than a month away.  

Cha Eun Woo, who will play the lonely prince Li Rin that doubles as a secret popular writer of romance novels, is looking exquisitely handsome and majestic. The caption in his poster reads "I.. don't plan on letting her go" may also be a subtle message that the two will experience some problems and in spite of it all, the prince will fight for his love. Aww, it sounds like he's as amorous as his alter ego!

 Rookie Historian Go Hae Ryung Cha Eun Woo
And who can miss the bright and warm smile in Shin Se Kyung's face? The caption beside her reads "I want to listen to your majesty's story this time." She will give life to the title role, Go Hae Ryung. And might I add that she looks cute in her pink hanbok, it makes me think of green grass and sakura trees.

Rookie Historian Go Hae Ryung Shin Se Kyung

The period drama is about a rookie palace historian who is being frowned upon because of her gender but still does her job dutifully. She will then encounter the prince and their story begins. Personally, I love the look that they're going for. Even with the pink pastels, it's not inundated with flowers like other dramas with similar themes tend to do for their promotional posters which ultimately feel over the top. 

Rookie Historian Go Hae Ryung is set to premiere on July 17.

Shin Se Kyung Rookie Historian Go Hae Ryung

Rookie Historian Go Hae Ryung Cha Eun Woo
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  1. they are both good looking! ShinSeKyung im excited to see you again in dramaland.ChaEunWoo ShinSeKyung fighting!