Barbie Hsu Maintains Her Weight with Amazing Self Control

barbie hsu
Weight is a touchy subject especially for actors. While staying slim is usually part of their work in showbiz, maintaining one's figure isn't an easy thing to do.  

In the reality TV show Friends on the Go, Barbie Hsu opened up about her secret to staying slim that amazed fans. Apparently, it has everything to do with having a godly self control over her food intake and refusing to stray from her weight goals. She admits that she used to be very watchful of her weight. When she was still filming TV dramas, the actress who stands at 163cm said that she would only allow herself to weigh 42 kilograms.  She somehow manages to resist the urge to eat more, especially rice and that the most she weighed was exactly 44.4 kilos as a TV host.  Barbie reveals that she was once able to lose 20 pounds in a week by regulating how much she eats.  Obviously, that isn't something weak-willed people like me could do and shows just how much resolve Barbie Hsu has. 

While being slim is is something that showbiz seems to constantly promote, it also highlights the sacrifices stars have to make to get their perfect bodies. Now that she's married with kids, Barbie says she doesn't even go on the weighing scale anymore. As long as she looks fine to the naked eye, then it's alright with her. 

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  1. 20 lbs in 1 week doesnt mean you’re strong-willed, it’s unhealthy and wilm fuck your body up later in life

  2. 42. kilos is 92.5 lbs!!! 20lbs is more than 20% of her body weight!!! that is disgusting and not something to be proud of! No 30-40 year old should weigh 70 lbs. Children and pre-teens weigh 70lbs NOT adults!

    1. correction no Adult should weigh 70lbs, especially at 5'.3"