Arthur Chen Talks About My Best Summer And Falling For Someone Like His Mom

It looks like Arthur Chen Feiyu is doing pretty well in showbiz. His new movie My Best Summer with He Landou has already exceeded 300 million yuan in the box office, and this is only his second time to play a lead role in a movie.  Not bad, Arthur, not bad.  

He attended Weibo Movie Night a few days ago and gave an interview with Sina where he talked about many aspects of his movie.  Since it was the first time he had to act out a scene where he was being forcibly kissed by a girl, it was really a challenge for him, especially since both Arthur Chen and He Landou didn't discuss how they were going to go about it. Arthur said that he drank a bit of wine to immerse himself in the role of Yu Huai and there was no shyness. At the time, Arthur would internalize his role and not say anything for 2 to 3 days.  

Despite being a teenager like his character Yu Huai, Arthur found it a little difficult to portray Yu Huai as a 25-year-old.  He admits that he didn't understand how a 25-year-old man acted or thought, but observed that guys as they get older tend to think more before they act.  

On a more personal note, Arthur Chen says that he wants to spend more time with his family this summer vacation.  It's understandable though, since Arthur will start school at the Beijing Film Academy once summer is over.  He also admits that he isn't actively looking for love and that he might not fall for someone like Geng Geng, his love interest in the movie. 

Should he ever fall for someone in real life, Arthur says it will probably be someone like his mom, actress Chen Hong. That's some high standards right there, ladies.  Arthur also says that should the time come to love someone, he would choose to keep his relationship private.  

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  1. It's a given that he would have high standard when looking for love because he himself comes from high standard background. A great guy is for a great girl you know.

    1. isn't that biased way of thinking ? your saying only 'someone who is worthy' is acceptable.

  2. Aww this is his first on-screen kiss?

    Of course his standard is someone similar his mom. Have you SEEN Chen Hong?

    She was a goddess back in the day and fittingly played Diaochan (one of the 4 ancient Chinese beauties) in a three-kingdoms adaptation.

    1. Yeap, high standard indeed! Even at the age of 50, Chen Hong is still strikingly beautiful and elegant.