Zhang Meng Talks About Being the Producer of Princess Silver

Zhang Meng Princess Silver producer
Ice Fantasy star Zhang Meng is back with another drama although this time around, she has worked entirely behind the scenes. Princess Silver starring the ensemble cast of Sophie Zhang XueyingAarif Rahman, Jing Chao, Leo Luo Yunxi and Maggie Chen Xinyu has gotten good reception from viewers since premiering on May 15. 

Zhang Meng shared her feelings and experiences as a first-time producer. She admits that she loved the original novel when she read it 5 years ago and invited director Li Huizhu to adapt it to the small screen. The good news is that the TV version retains the main storyline and added elements of comedy.  She reports that making the script took 3 years, filming took 4 months and post production took 9 months.  

Princess Silver Sophie Zhang Aarif Rahman
While Zhang Meng is a capable actress herself, she refused to play any of the characters in Princess Silver.  She explains that any actor would want more scenes for themselves so if she took on a role, it would affect the script, the plot and ultimately go against her wish for the series to be pure and free. Instead, she's thankful to have found leads Sophie Zhang, Aarif Rahman, Jing Chao and the rest of the cast. She also revealed that Ashes of Love actor Luo Yunxi was the one who took the initiative to pick the role of Rong Qi.

Since this was her first time producing a series, it was normal that she was nervous despite giving her all.  Zhang Meng reveals that she had insomnia and would often wake up in the middle of the night thinking about whether the series will be good enough.  It came to a point where Zhang Meng had to take at most 3 sleeping pills to be able to sleep.

Zhang Meng has also been very active in post production, including dubbing, special effects and editing.  She meticulously checks for mistakes and corrects or improves them when possible.  Knowing that Princess Silver isn't a one man effort, Zhange Meng thanked everyone for making the drama come to life.  

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  1. I'm not really a fan of the story, but I am impressed at how much effort and dedication Zhang Meng has given into the production of Princess Silver. Yes, I do agree that when actors star in the dramas they produce, they make the storyline focus on them too much, when they're not the protagonists.
    Not related to the article but I think Zhang Meng would really fit the role of Mura if there were a Chinese adaptation of the Korean manhwa, Bride of Hwabaek.

  2. Congrats Zhang Meng, you're so hard working and beautiful person. I wish you good luck with your next projects from the bottom of my heart. Take care of your health, you have to take a good night sleep <3

  3. Dear Miss Zhang Meng
    I enjoyed so much Princess Silver drama and I hope you will produce another period drama casting Sophie Zhang Xueying and Vin Zhang Binbin as a couple!
    Best Wishes!