Zhang Danfeng and Catherine Hung Seen Together at a Wedding

Zhang Danfeng Catherine Hung
Talks of infidelity have been affecting showbiz more often as of late. On the topic of Zhang Danfeng allegedly cheating on his wife Catherine Hung, Zhang Danfeng's studio has debunked the rumors about his affair with his manager. The actor also spoke up recently to reveal that his manager has resigned.

Zhang Danfeng Catherine Hung Seen At Wedding
In all of this, Catherine Hung has chosen the high road to remain quiet which is why the actual relationship between the couple have been unclear. It would seem that the two have reached a happy resolution as they appeared as a family at a recent event. Zhang Danfeng, Catherine Hung and their daughter attended a wedding in their hometown. It is the couple's first appearance together since Zhang Danfeng was embroiled in the scandal. 

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