Your Must Watch Chinese Drama List This Side of 2019!

Top Chinese Dramas Douban 2019
The months of 2019 have breezed on by so quickly that it's hard to believe we're already in May.  The (almost) first half of the year brought with it lots of memorable binge worthy dramas and great talent. With a plethora of shows to choose from, and multiple sources of entertainment content, viewers might be a little hard-pressed to knuckle down a choice as to what to watch next.


Worry not for here are the top five dramas viewers have been gorging on for 2019. If you're keen to find something to replace your Game of Thrones habit and if you've already marathoned reruns of all the GoT seasons, here's a nice list to tick off your "Shows To Watch" plate.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

In the top spot is a fun campus romance adapted from the novel of Zhao Qianqian, a senior finds herself at a crossroad as she approaches graduation. Her orderly life is tossed upside down with the entrance of a brilliant physics student into her life. Love blossoms between the two in this sweet and funny love story.

The series stars Xing Fei of Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me fame and newcomer Lin Yi.

All Is Well
Top 2. All is Well

All is Well has been a firm favourite in China as it brings to light real issues (typical of Chinese families) within the traditional family unit in a rapidly modernizing China. The always trending series follows the dysfunctional Su family as they struggle to go on with their lives after the loss of their mother, the family matriarch. The three Su siblings find their lives disrupted as their father imposes himself on them with his unreasonable demands.

The series stars Yao Chen, Ni Dahong, Guo Jingfei, Tony Yang Youning, Li Nian and Gao Xin.

Goodbye My Princess

To solidify a political alliance between their countries, the beloved princess of the western Liang kingdom is affianced to the crown prince of the Central Plains. In his efforts to be declared as the new crown prince, fifth prince Li Chengyin purposefully deceives the princess to make her fall in love with him and gain the upper hand. After discovering Li Chengyin's duplicity, Princess Xiaofeng jumps into the river of forgetfulness with Li Chengyin following suit.

A few months later, Li Chengyin is now the crown prince of the Central Plains and the two end up married to each other. As they navigate the treacherous court of the Eastern Palace where intrigue and betrayals are rife in its halls, can they survive the tribulations thrown at them and still find love again?

Goodbye My Princess stars Cheng XingXu as Li Chengyin  and Peng Xiaoran as the innocent and kind Princess Xiaofeng.

Le Coup De Foudre

It's love at first sight indeed for viewers as Le Coup de Foudre has been doing brilliantly well to place fourth in the top 5. The series is a youth drama chronicling the story of love the second time around. You know the story - girl meets boy, they like each other, they make promises to study together overseas. But, for unseen circumstances, that doesn't happen and the two lose contact. Fast forward to four years later and they see each other once again in their class reunion. 

Girl decides to pursue the guy and moves to be near him only to find out that he already has someone. Will they finally have their chance to be together this second time around?

Le Coup de Foudre features Zhang Yu Jian, Janice Wu, Zhao Zhi Wei and Ma Li.

Exclusive Memory

Another campus romance, the series typifies the "thin line between love and hate" sort of story between a physics PhD candidate and a third year student. 

Things start off with the wrong foot as third year student Xue Tong is wrongfully accused of cheating in an exam by PhD candidate Mu Chenghe who is proctoring the exam. The two despise each other at first but over time, further interactions with each other bloom into a mutual attraction. 

The series stars Zhang Chao and Li Tingting.

le coup de doudre

Those of you who are observant might note that many of the dramas in the line up have a romantic story line. I guess this goes to show that viewers are looking for something sweet and positive to come home to amidst all the negative stories trending in the daily headlines. 

Moreover, fluffy youthful romances seem to be gaining in popularity these days (as evidenced in the list) - simple and sweet being the key characteristic that seems to capture viewers fancy. Despite not being adapted from a big name novel and not having big name stars in the cast line up, these type of shows are continuing to do well in the viewer ratings.

What do you guys think? Have you already watched any of the dramas in the list? What are your favourites? Do tell do tell!

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  1. i watched Put your head on my shoulder and Goodbye princess. I like how Put your head on my shoulder is simple and realistic, no dramatic wrist grab or 3rd person trying to sabotage them and shit. just simple girl likes another boy and main boy always there for her and they fall in love. actually it's diff from the usual girl chases boy or rich boy and poor girl blah blah BUT i found it got boring in the end too lol idk what i want. I dropped Goodbye Princess cause im not about that plot, girl's whole family got killed and she still went after this boy like i know they want sth diff and dramatic but i dont really like these twisted angsty story. i must say i lovee the cinematography and the outfits are such a fresh blow of air, they look so good. but the plot didnt do it for me. i have All is well on my list and at least it's not 100% romance and it's so hyped in China i want to see what it is. other than that, i think im getting more jaded with kdramas and cdramas so im more likely to not like something that do like it so, meh

  2. Wow where have I been? So many good dramas have released so far in 2019 and I'm still watching some old dramas and trying to catch up on the recent ones but all this comes down to the fact that I'm too busy dealing with school. So far I've watched Goodbye My Princess and Put Your Head On My Shoulder but heard about the rest but haven't had time to watch the rest of dramas on this list. Gonna start binging again when school ends for me!!

  3. I watched & finished "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" yesterday & love, love, love it. There is no way you don't fall in love with the main leads (Lin Yi & Xing Fei). The chemistry between them is just incredible. HIGHLY recommended to everyone. I'm looking forward to more of these two actors' projects - hope they will make more dramas with each other again.

  4. Currently watching all is well and I'm loving it .Subbing for it is slow though so I think I'll drop it and get back to it when the subs are complete .Would definitely check put your head on my shoulder since I loved a love so beautiful and this one sounds like it. I'll also try le coup de fourde .It sounds like my kind of drama ; fun with little angst.

  5. All Is Well is pretty awesome. Quality drama. Subject matter might not appeal to younger crowd, but pretty riveting for me personally.

    Put Your Head On My Shoulder is typical fluff, but one of the better ones.

    Goodbye My Princess just sounds too painfully angsty.

  6. PYHOMS and LCDF are the dramas I'm watching. I guess I'm still traumatized by Bu Bu Jing Xin to try anything not happy ending from c drama. Yes, even after all these years -bar NIF of course.
    Did I read the synopsis of LCDF right? Yan Mo have someone else? Huh?

    1. Probably referring to when she thought he had someone else because a girl picked up his phone when she called. Such a minor moment, not sure why they blew that up in the synopsis.

  7. I am loving Le Coup De Foudre! Even more than Put My Head On My Shoulder even though that's pretty good. Wu Qian and Zhang Yu Jian are giving me all the feels, and I love the family relationship too.

  8. - Le Coup De Foudre : loving this
    - Put My Head On My Shoulder : liked the 1st half but disappointed with 2nd half, the girl is always like being rape
    - Goodbye My Princess : sad but worth the watch. i definitely recommend this

  9. I watched LCDF and exclusive memory love them both so much. The OTP kinda had a good healthy relationship at least om side understand what it takes to be in a healthy relationship. I love both drama so much because the drama did not only focus on the OTP but also guve a good amount screen time for the supporting characters and i love love love the relation between the main characters and the supporting characters. The ending is kinda of not satisfying for exclusive memory. You can watch exclusive memory in netflix the tittle is “somewhere only we know”